Human Rights Watch: Moment of Truth for Manus Island Refugees

This situation speaks volumes about how refugees have been treated when they are regarded as illegal.  There has been many legal changes to render them somehow wrong for seeking refugee often undergoing horrendous travel conditions and dangers.  In a humane society they would be greeted with love and compassion. In a compliance society… Continue reading

Stingray Surveillance, Privacy, Police and FBI

This is very concerning as the temptation is to just tap into those who people feel threatened by.  They do not have to be criminal elements, they could be former staff, partners, business rivals or to stalk people.

I have been surveilled and it has raised my awareness of these practices and the importance… Continue reading

Charting a New Course of REAL HOPE for the Future of Infinite Possibility

I felt inspired to write about the future from the future looking back.  The wonder of poetry I can time travel in my heart envisaging REAL HOPE


Charting a New Course of REAL HOPE for the Future of Infinite Possibility


I am in the future looking back,

Full Spectrum Dominance was barely… Continue reading

Julian Assange Speaking About CIA Spying

I felt moved to publish this video below.  I ask – why do people spy? What is the fear moving them to do this? Why do we need to control? Why is privacy becoming a moral mirage of the past? Is intelligence accurate? Is knowing the enemy a way to feel security? Is there… Continue reading

Koch Brothers Wish to Repeal Social Security and Government Taxation?

Fascinating what Bernie Sanders is saying.  He says the Koch Brothers have economic wealth of $80 billion. Their wealth increased by $12 billion. Koch Industries is the second largest privately owned company invested primarily in the energy industry.

So they won’t be to interested in free energy or intentional communities. I don’t think… Continue reading

McNamara: Lessons from War and Peace Perspectives


Robert McNamara in the previous blog featured in a documentary called the Fog of War depicting his recollections of pivotal wars in US history.  It appears to me to be an honest account and retrospectively drawing upon his own lessons that he learned from mistakes.  I feel from his experience he is… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”