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Transcript of Ex NSA, CIA Associate of Chemtrails and Scalar Weapons

This is an interesting article, the interviewee appears credible. I know people will feel frightened and disillusioned.  I am tired at this moment but feel inspired around this.   I continue to see what is put out comes back.  I know that those causing harm to others will experience this return to… Continue reading

Edward Snowden on Chemtrails

I felt to look at Edward Snowden given the previous blog was from an ex NSA associate.

Here is information from his perspective.  It appears the fear is to do with agriculture, he indicates Monsanto’s involvement and the fear that climate in the US could spiral out of control if they don’t spray.

My… Continue reading

War Crimes: Chemtrails Spray Barium Salt Aerosol

I have placed ‘war crimes’ in the title as this is what it feels to be.  There needs to be public forums in the public interest to clarify what this is about and why it is happening.

I wonder at the story or internal narrative that has been told to justify Chemtrail spraying by… Continue reading

Chemtrails in Ventura County, California, USA

This is an interesting site.  Citizens are very alarmed in the US.  This site is comprehensive and has reports across the United States.

The question is why?  What would love do next?

Stop Spraying California!
Strontium – Chemtrails
Dear Florida Citizens,
For Immediate Release
To: The People of Florida
From:… Continue reading

Melbourne: Are these Chemtrails?

Some footage of what appears to be Chemtrails.  This is a subject that needs to be discussed in the public interest.  If it is Chemtrails, then why are they spraying chemicals, what is in them?  Is this a war crime?



Are Land-Mines Anti-Personal or Ordnance?

No I am sure people take it personally, I felt poetically the ordnance as ordinary.  I find the word ordnance is a way of marketing publicity away from the well known word of landmine.  Personal is Personnel Mine which is a play on spelling there but the feeling is We all Min(d).

Here… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”