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Global Citizen’s Voices Want Corruption to STOP

What is corruption but the dis-ease of greed out of control.  It is when checks and balances fail and there are no figures in authority who have genuine moral/ethical standing.  From my understanding when people do not have well developed empathy, intuition or compassion they tend to watch to see what others do… Continue reading

Patch Adams Cried Over Human Rights Abuses

I can’t be quiet either.  I just realise he quoted Dante, that has meaning for me.  It s the world’s longest poem, it is about transmutation.

He speaks of revolution but he is speaking about the love revolution.  Self Esteem is to decide that you can do anything not the hint of… Continue reading

Patch Adams SPEAKS UP to the Establishment about Indifference

This is an excerpt from the film.  The point made here is humanity.  We become so caught up in professionalism and status and forget the patient as a real person and in need.

He is a beautiful man.  He has been kind to me.  His world is the one I enjoyed… Continue reading

Patch Adams Talks about Living a Life of Joy

This is the wonderful Patch Adams who always responds.  Interestingly, Patch grew up on military bases and his father died when he was 16.  He was beaten up because he couldn’t be silent.  Patch tried to kill himself at 16, 17 as he didn’t want to live in a world like this.… Continue reading

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression to find Your Greatness Advises Patch Adams

May this inspire you.  I will always respond with love.  That is for sure.

I note this is an American speaker.  I am grateful for the all the wonderful Americans who have sought to inspire others to be truly great.  Patch Adams did that for me.  I send love to… Continue reading

Human Rights Report on Violations of Human Rights in Kashmir

The longer conflicts are left unaddressed violence escalates.  What is wanted is to de-escalate violence on all sides by addressing grievances.  This is the first step in conflict resolution.  Our world has not understood the importance of resolving conflicts rather than taking sides.  It is in the world’s interests for disputes… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”