The ABC is the Public Voice – why silence us?

I no longer listen to narratives justifying cuts or why the ABC should be silenced.  I remember the footage smuggled out of the Liberal national conference where they all voted to get rid of the ABC.  I, for one, vote for the public voice, which is deeply embodied in the ABC. 

QandA would never have happened if the private sector owned this important broadcaster. The truth is we are witnessing the shutdown of the public voice.  Anything that threatens what is deemed as an appropriate narrative is being supported, what is viewed as a threat is undermined.  This is how control occurs.  It is like the partner who shuts you down, who forces you to do what they want.  To not challenge their views otherwise there is a negative consequence.  We see it in domestic violence.  Control comes from fear, intolerance, narrow mindedness and deep insecurity.

When I think of tyranny I think of Gandhi’s words who stood up against British control and unquestioned authority in India.  He inspired a nation of 4 million to stand up nonviolently to a few thousand in authority.  The people believed they were powerless, they weren’t.  I have come to see that the power of love is the real power in this world.  I will never hate, control or shutdown the views of others.  Always I will listen as life brings me information in a range of ways.  The real power in this world is witnessed in unconditional love.  I think Tony Jones who demonstrates through the power of his example an open style where he listens to all parties, where he shows respect, he doesn’t give his view and ensures he is fair as he balances competing interests. It is an example of servant leadership, it is true facilitation empowering all voices.  He is a person dedicated to democracy.  He has been the perfect compare for QandA and a highly respected journalist.

Gandhi’s quote below is for those who feel the loss of democracy.  I cried last week, it was like a grief I just cried and cried as I could see smart cities, surveillance, tracking, cameras and control emerging in my world not as a means to truly serve the people but seeing the people as a threat, which they are not.  I saw the breach of privacy, to take private data, to look through Windows (Microsoft) to use that data to benefit the few over the many is the reflection of the insanity of greed that just takes people over.  They lose their connection to their community, they lose respect for the needs of people, they see their own interests as important as they try to force their worldview onto others without respect, consultation or a genuine desire to serve for the benefit of all.  That is what economics has done, it has only promoted economic growth not human growth as the global priority and it never achieves greatness as a result as it is unable to harness the true power of humanity.  So our humanity lags behind the robots, the technology, the algorithms produced by those who have no concept of services, love, compassion and truth.  It is all about knowledge as control.  That is why I cried so deeply.  I really felt the loss but in my heart I do know it can’t be stolen.  No-one can stop me loving my world, no-one can take my ethics and values, they can try and silence me or persecute me but my heart will speak as that is my true nature.  I will live my values until the day I leave this beautiful world as a statement of Who I Am.  When I reconnected to the true beauty of human nature, I calmed down and said we are all on learning journey’s. I felt deep love for all. That is my gift.

Here are Gandhi’s words for those who despair…

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall…”

Here is the interview on QandA, one of the Australia’s best examples of true democracy.  I send love to the ABC journalists, to the researchers and say do not give up in this dark and fearsome time in our country, it is often darkest before dawn.  The people support you and many will stand for democracy I feel it in my soul.

ABC Q&A‏@QandA · 2h2 hours ago What can be done to make sure the future of journalism is fully-funded and protected from government interference? #QandA

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What is noteworthy in the above link is John Howard’s confidence about Malcolm Turnbull’s win. I am reading his words in a different light after Scott Morrison’s win. Why was he so confident? As if he knew.

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”