Intelligence community and civil liberties they are ‘Sucking on their Teeth like a Bump on a hog’

Love the expression of Senator Kennedy.  

So lost in deception, so lost in politics that they lose sight of the true public interest and why civil liberties matters.

Insightful hearing.  Why is it so hard to just tell the truth?

Declaration of Independence is the Sovereignty of Our True Nature in the End

Independence is Self Sovereignty as Our True Nature

Today is US Independence Day and it feels the right moment to declare my own independence.  I have achieved a great deal in this blog.  Below was the introduction to Peace is Our True Nature.  The purpose of this blog was to express myself,… Continue reading

The ABC is the Public Voice – why silence us?

I no longer listen to narratives justifying cuts or why the ABC should be silenced.  I remember the footage smuggled out of the Liberal national conference where they all voted to get rid of the ABC.  I, for one, vote for the public voice, which is deeply embodied in the ABC. 

QandA would never have… Continue reading

An Awakened Species

Neale Donald Walsh produced a book entitled ‘Conversations with God book 4, Awaken the Species.  Whether you are agree or disagree with him this is the 16 point list of an awakened species. This provides a great contrast to the way we see today.

We are still solving problems from the same consciousness. Therefore… Continue reading

Worldpeacefull Privacy Statement

Susan Carew and Worldpeacefull are one and the same.  Thus privacy extends to the social vision of Worldpeacefull not as a business but social enterprise.

Why is privacy important?  Every person needs to know they can have private conversations, that they are not tracked, monitored and profiled as part of data gathering. … Continue reading

Journalist Speaks about the Truth Behind IT Start Ups



Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”