TED: The Science of Happiness

This is a wonderful video about the science of Happiness.

Are you happy with you life?

I see people as my teachers that is how I can deal with unkind people.  I seek to learn from them rather than win the argument.  So I feel gratitude as life governs my life not people.… Continue reading

TED: What Happens at the End of Life?

Something to ponder.  Maybe we live when we face death.

I have faced death and know that I choose life.  I wonder how would we all treat each other if we truly knew that the person in front of you has never existed, is unique.  One day that person will die and… Continue reading

Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index

Corruption I feel is the key issue of our time.  Transparency International are similar to Human Rights Watch, overseeing countries.

They speak of perceptions index, just note perceptions are not about actual corruption, it is about what people perceive of it.  I sense in Western countries there is a perception that governments are… Continue reading

BBC documentary on Smartphones and the Dark Side

I was using a smartphone last night and I could feel the radiation affect the righthand side of my front temporal lobe.  I know it is unhealthy.  I wonder about brain tumours.

This BBC documentary was very interesting as it investigates the addiction to smartphones.  You only need watch people fixated on… Continue reading

To Make Peace a Practical Reality for the 21st Century

Culture of Peace Initiative


UN General Assembly A Culture of Peace

We have to come together around peace, it is the centre peace, it is the empty space where life revolves around.  It is who we are when we unlearn the negativity that has plagued our world for a long time.

I often say ‘your happy destiny is unavoidable’.  Some will say this is… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”