Securing Home Affairs

Home Affairs appears similar to Homeland Security in the US.  Refer

I found this interesting yet ironically getting a job is not that easy.  I note there was media coverage of the Business Council waning to expand Professional Migration.  Yet we have 3,000,000 people in poverty and 116,000 homeless. We… Continue reading

Linking Smart Cities to Infrastructure and Climate

Noteworthy comment as truth is revealed:

“…Architect and structural engineer Carlo Ratti also drew a distinction between advanced technology and smart cities. He told create that too often when people talk about smart cities, they forget about the actual citizens…”

Smart Cities is a topic that society has to debate. I went to a talk… Continue reading

Koch Bros Dark Industries?

I am feeling inspired to investigate the Koch Brothers as I feel for this left/right war that is destabilising democracy.  The story of the Koch brothers raises issues about: equality, electoral influence, donations, suppression of dissent, attempts to smear reputations and climate denying and if this is a crime against humanity given life support… Continue reading

The Celts and King Arthur

Now I know why I think of King Arthur.

Many people in Western society are familiar with the legends of King Arthur and the quest for the grail. To the Christian and Pagan peoples alike he is claimed as an icon of spiritual values. There are many opinions about his origins and the academic… Continue reading

One Year Homeless and Without Income

I see this as success.

I dedicate this to the homeless I have met on my journey.  They are courageous people.  They are not understood by society and they indeed reflect the externalities of a society that is not caring about members of that society. I regard homelessness as the break down of… Continue reading

Comedian Dave Allen Poking Fun at Religion and Military

Humour is the way of poking fun at what is so serious, the unquestioned beliefs that imprison laughter.

I grew up with Dave Allen.  I remember his half finger, cigarette and glass of whiskey.  He was a catholic.  Hence all the religious jokes.

Today the humour is canned, it is nowhere near… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”