Dr. Patch Adams and Dr. Martin Luther King

This is a short article sending a tribute to Martin Luther King.  Looks like Martin saved Patch’s life and inspired his nonviolent revolution.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

My first introduction to the United States came shortly after I moved to Virginia, from an army base in Germany.

Everyone in the army was… Continue reading

Are You a Stranger in Moscow?

I loved it when I was there, clowning around meeting the people.  All people are my people.  There is no enemy.  I love Patch Adams and the many clowns we met there.  What a joy. We are ONE.


What if No-One Will Understand You

Can you understand you?  Perhaps that is the purpose of relationships.  Are you learning?

What if you become the love you seek?


Olivia Newton-John is Dying from Cancer Positively

I think everyone loves Olivia.  She is a positive person and dedicated to Wellness.  Greece really was a film that made us all feel good and singing along.  She conveyed a beautiful innocence and kindness that reflects her.  Cancer is the big issue of our time and so many people are… Continue reading

The Bleeding Edge is not the Bleeding Heart

Profit over people.  What will awaken the commercial world to the human costs.  The bleeding heart feels empathy for another. When we don’t this is a mental health issue.

The B

What is My Identity?


This morning I had inspiration around my identity.

I realised my name is not my identity.

I asked myself who am I?

The feeling was beyond my physical self.

I realised I am not my name.



Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”