Worldpeacefull Privacy Statement

Susan Carew and Worldpeacefull are one and the same.  Thus privacy extends to the social vision of Worldpeacefull not as a business but social enterprise.

Why is privacy important?  Every person needs to know they can have private conversations, that they are not tracked, monitored and profiled as part of data gathering.  People need to feel they have a peaceful haven.  That when they are upset there is not a camera recording it.  When they have outbursts that this is not recorded and then used to profile them on the basis of labels.

We live in a world where data has become the new gold.  Where platforms appear to be providing services to citizens around the world but in reality they are money making enterprises that generate income on the basis of advertising, selling data and maximising profits.  The commercialisation of the digital world is the driver that maximises self interest of those corporations and governments who desire profit and are convinced that this is  for the public benefit. 

The maximisation of profit is what creates division in our society as those with money are the ones who are given the power to shape our world. Those who do not are considered shapeable or discarded if deemed of no statistical value. 

We are moving into a technocracy vision that is seeking to shape our world in its image without the consent of the global population.

This privacy statement is to make clear what consent is and what it is not.

  1. Consent is not forced compliance where there is no real choice.
  2. Consent is not ticking a box and referring the user to complex legal documentation without any option to question what is stated in the contract or opt out without reprisal.
  3. Consent is a genuine agreement with the option to negotiate.
  4. Consent works in the best interests of both parties and does not use inducements to sweeten the deal.
  5. Consent forms the social contract and it is not hidden, obscured, implied or based on access.
  6. Privacy has been a social norm where we naturally do not listen in on other people, we do not look through their windows, we do not drill holes to look at people, read their diaries or make public their personal life as a means of exposing them.  We sensitively respect the privacy of others as part of a implied social contract we have been raised with.  It is based on respect, empathy, community and aims to do no harm. The social contract is being changed by powerful industries, governments and wealthy elites to serve an agenda that benefits the few over the many.  There are arguments of social benefit but the loss of privacy cannot be calculated in money terms it reveals itself in persecution, profiling, tracking, bullying, depression and suicide where a persons feelings are not valued, responded to, they are seen as objects and used for the purpose of others who care nothing of wellbeing.  When privacy is breached society is stepping over a line that causes great harm to a person or organisation.


Wordpeacefull does not consent to breaches in privacy or data gathering by humans, robots or algorithms as follows:

  1. I do not consent to biometrics, facial recognition and finger printing of myself by anyone, algorithm or robot.
  2. I do not consent to voice recording storing and tracking.
  3. I do not consent to data gathering of my information from any website visited, IT platform, iPhone, Worldpeacefull website, emails, SMS, twitter, YouTube or any other digital app, applications and platforms.
  4. I do not consent for Windows or a third party to take any of my personal data from my computer or any other device. I request all shadow data or temp files be deleted.
  5. I do not consent to Google to track, profile or gather any of my data.
  6. I do not consent to any private telecommunications company gathering my data or any third parties stating they have access rights via access or other agreements.
  7. I do not consent to profiling by any other party.  I require access to profiled information so I can check for accuracy and ensure it is not changed or used in the future against myself.
  8. The Telstra and Optus policy blogs represent another public statement where consent is defined. Those blog links to this statement.
  9. As a teacher of children and steward I do not consent to children’s data being collected via the use of attractive events (to encourage them to download apps) to attract children and thus make their data available to exploit for future marketing or enticements.  Children do not realise their access is consent, they do not know to turn off permissions and they innocently just follow what attracts them. They must be protected from adults as would be expected with a Working with Children Police Check.  Children should not be tracked, profiled, data gathered, advertisements placed in front of them, voices recorded or filmed at all. There are paedophile and prostitution rings that can be on the Boards, Executive and staff of companies that appear respectable and well known.  The companies are not accountable to the public and often self regulated e.g. IT industry.  It is becoming clear that children are not safe when commercial interests seek to exploit their private data for profit not for their highest good.
  10. I do not consent to cameras in street lights, number plate scanners, 360 degree cameras, technology to tap into phones secretly or tracking electronics to facilitate a surveillance state that increases control and suppression.
  11. I do not consent to smart meter information gathering.
  12. I do not consent to NBN data gathering or landline voice gathering.
  13. I do not consent to sharing my data with any other party without my consent in the ordinary course of living my life.
  14. I do not consent to being stalked by electronic technology by organisations  justifying their surveillance to protect brand image or personal reputation due to their failure to act legally or resolve disputation. I do not consent to my data being gathered or changed as a means to further corruption or smear myself.
  15. I do not agree to hidden sensors, LCD lighting and other electronic devices concealed to record, detect, track, trace my movements or communications in the ordinary course of living my life.

I would like to add that Microsoft Windows legal information is hard to understand, there are aspects I agree to an aspects I do not agree to.  What I find interesting is that companies set the terms of reference deciding rights and waivers to benefit themselves or protect from class actions. I do not believe they can offer software worldwide, assume everyone understands the lease or indeed many may not know they are on a lease.  Then legally state that if you do not agree you cannot access. I note IT companies do this as compliance.  I think it is grossly unfair and unbalanced.  IT is not democratic.

In a world-peace-full there would be no need for privacy as all would be evolved to a point where transparency would be the norm.  Negativity would be greeted with guidance to self love.  The world would see all others as their family.  All would be shared so there would be no greed.  All would naturally respect others as themselves and virtues would be the fool’s gold that is of the highest value.  Imbalance would be seen as out of alignment with nature and the community would assist in bringing that one back into balance through guidance and love.  Balance would be deemed the highest happiness as this is where need=want.  Families would be balanced and unconditionally loving so all off spring would feel esteem and be guided to live to their highest potential.  There would be no competition as cooperation is the highest value.  There is no statistical value as all are equal in harmonious community, all differences honoured as expressions of nature itself.  All would view sentient life as equal and use only what is needed honouring every being with gratitude.  There would be a sense of oneness with life, nature and humanity as the one system that is sensitive to adaptation evolving with life itself.

Our world is not at this point yet.  So we have to place boundaries on those who have not evolved their awareness to include the whole of humanity as in their interests. They are governed by short term self interest without any sense of real connectedness to the planet, human beings and life support systems.  We have seen this demonstrated through: exploitation, slavery, prostitution, economic trade wars, multinational crowding out of local business and political influence, child abuse, pollution, atmospheric damage, over consumption, war and trade, chem-trails and geoengineering, organised crime, drug trade, bullying, chemicals in foods, GMOs, mind control, inequality, gender bias, hunger, aids, cancer, homelessness, unemployment, harmful technologies, electromagnetic biological harm, over extraction of resources, corruption, overcrowded impersonal cities, bias, control paradigms, superiority, homelessness, exclusion, excessive income, discrimination, divisive righteousness and selfishness. 

We are invited to think differently and see the world as part of yourself, that what you do to others returns to the self.  If you want privacy then give it, if you want wealth share it, if you want health ensure another is healthy, if you want success give it to someone else. For what you do for another returns to the self.  When life is seen as circular and that all actions respond to cause and effect and laws of attraction we stop and think more carefully about what we choose as it returns to us.  Is it truly what brings us happiness or are we acting out of the self interest of others? Will it serve our children and grandchildren for generations to come?

The last is why for the moment, privacy is critical. They must grow up feeling secure, safe, loved, respected, included and free to be who they are without scrutiny but with gentle guidance and trust. That is what they truly need.

Children are us in the future.  Who will we become? What is the highest potential we could reach that benefits (the sum of the parts) the whole?


Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”