No Recording or Monitoring Myself without Consent

I, Susan Carew, do not give any permission or consent for cyber access or surveillance of myself in respect of recordings or use of any other digital format (platform, apps). This includes opening up programs (hacking) on my email, website or blogs or surruptiously dropping bots/programs onto my computer to monitor what I am doing.… Continue reading

Apple iPhone Privacy Breach Bugs Me and YOU

The more I investigate social media the more concerned I become.  I do not believe this is a bug I believe this is what has been happening.  So the iPhone only need ring for you to listen in, you don’t have to answer.  So if you want to gather data, listen in… Continue reading

China Big Brother Big Data or Our Brother’s Keeper?

I just felt inspired to add to the title ‘or our brother’s keeper’.  This is the lesson to be learned by those who surveil.

What comes to me is the weakening of civil society where they have no say over governments. The same applies in the West where there is the perception of public… Continue reading

Cyber Security Oversight by Privacy Regulators

Every country should have a Privacy Regulator stipulating the rules, boundaries and limits of cyber security when it becomes intrusive and breaches privacy laws.  This includes investigating ‘so called’ ethical hacking, malware programs to invade privacy, tapping and tracking phones geographically and collecting data.  This would include profiling, personalisation and the types of… Continue reading

LinkedIn Privacy Wants to Limit Government Authority to Collect Users Information on Principle

What is the Cost of StingRay Surveillance?

Inspiration around this subject today.

This quote is of concern:

“…The use of the IMSI-catcher is raising a heated debate in the United States because devices like StingRay and other similar cellphone tracking solutions are being widely adopted by law enforcement agencies across the country…StingRay allows law enforcement to intercept calls and Internet traffic,… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”