China Big Brother Big Data or Our Brother’s Keeper?

I just felt inspired to add to the title ‘or our brother’s keeper’.  This is the lesson to be learned by those who surveil.

What comes to me is the weakening of civil society where they have no say over governments. The same applies in the West where there is the perception of public democracy.  The strengthening of civil society rights is the key to ensure privacy is not invaded or people surveilled and incarcerated.

We are entering a concerning time of no privacy of anyone, including those surveilling.  It is akin to living in a glass house.  Do you want people knowing everything about you? Is this respect?

What if a person is set up by criminal elements? what if data is changed? what if mistakes are made etc?

China demonstrates how oppression and cyber technology can be used to used in tandem on minorities or those deemed ‘untrustworthy’ What concerns me is this trend coming to the West as politics becomes infiltrated by other interests who have no interest in democracy.  This is what I would feel to be the ‘dark side’.  The light is information and information is openness in an enlightened society. It is never used to suppress, oppress or harm another. It is used to help, enhance, empower and assist another.

Interestingly, Facebook have put me in cyber jail as I published about CIA whistle blower and a freedom video.

When I passed through Miami in transit to go to Lima, Peru.  I did this flight from San Jose, Costa Rica because I had concerns of safety going through Columbia.  I did not expect to get a facial/retina scan, finger and thumb print.  I was not in agreement with this as I was not entering the United States. I realised later this is how they treat people in Central/South America as they are suspicious given the drug trade.  However, the drug trade is promulgated by the US refer So I see hypocrisy there and I question their right to do this and what is the real purpose?

So I see the issues with this as widespread and who is ethical who is not? This transgressors countries and roles as ethics sits at the centre of this matter.  Are we losing our humanity? Our ethical barometer? Our sense common-unity?

Lastly, my poetic musing about this issue for all involved.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”