What about Privacy with Intelligence Agencies – 5 Eyes?

This is an overview by Wikipedia of the 5 Eyes surveillance.  My question as a citizen is what do we do when intelligence agencies target us for speaking up for democracy, equality before the law, honesty, justice and freedom from abuse?  What if there are military/corporate/government alliances?  Intelligence Agencies, it states below,… Continue reading

Why Are We Losing Our Humanity?

I had major insights overnight.  The mind is amazing the way it just works on problems.  I often find in the morning I see more.

What has come into view very clearly is technology and the fact it dehumanises us.  I’ll start this blog with an insight into myself as that is… Continue reading

China Big Brother Big Data or Our Brother’s Keeper?

I just felt inspired to add to the title ‘or our brother’s keeper’.  This is the lesson to be learned by those who surveil.

What comes to me is the weakening of civil society where they have no say over governments. The same applies in the West where there is the perception of public… Continue reading

Snowden Traitor or Trailblazer?

To face and respond to one’s critics is the single most important act of courage.  As it opens a door to look into yourself.  Your critics are the ones who are there to show you to yourself, it is up to you to see the gift in this or to see an enemy.… Continue reading

Are SMART Cities Intelligent Design or Intelligence by Design?

The heading is symptomatic of how I feel about this issue.  Are SMART Cities Intelligent Design or Intelligence by Design?  The latter is what I believe it is about.  I refer to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange who have warned the global community about surveillance, it is the core issue beyond… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”