Defence White Paper Stated Fears of Dependency on Asian Fuel Imports or Strategic Access to Oil and Gas?

These reflections have taken me a long time to navigate through as I found it quite illogical to read.  It is a 2016 ABC post but feels relevant today.  I felt to explore the message in the article from a peace perspective asking questions in my global agora as the public are never… Continue reading

IT is the Matrix – A 21st Century Program?

I felt inspiration to write this poem about the I.T. Matrix as I can feel the control exercised in narratives assuring it is the next step in our evolution.  Is that true?  I was inspired by the thoughts –
You are me in another frequency.  This gave me the feeling of allowance… Continue reading

Is the Defence Industry of Israel Fear Based?

My inner feeling:  ‘what you resist persists, what you look at disappears’.  Israel’s defence is coming from deep fear. They are not at peace.  Peace in truth is fearless.  That is why there is no fight, there is nothing to fear.  The military spending in the world reflects the depth… Continue reading

Byron Katie: Fears of Donald Trump

This is a really interesting video regarding questioning negative thoughts about Donald Trump.  It is a good example of how fear works and how we can free ourselves by using inquiry.

This is reflective of how power divides and how people take in the fear and allow it to bring great stress and unhappiness.… Continue reading

Fixating on Fear is the Illusion


I find it interesting when I think about how people typically form their worldviews.  There is a wonderful story about a little blade of grass in an ancient forest.  It casts a small shadow.   This shadow is not noticed by anyone else.  Yet this small shadow is what we… Continue reading

Tony Abbott Blue Tie Response to PM Resignation – Why?

My only question here is why would Tony Abbott wear a blue tie when responding to Julia Gillard’s resignation as Australian Prime Minister. This is an important question given the statement below:

As speculation about her leadership intensified, the Prime Minister said a government dominated by ”men in blue ties” would mean hard-won financial gains… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”