IT is the Matrix – A 21st Century Program?

I felt inspiration to write this poem about the I.T. Matrix as I can feel the control exercised in narratives assuring it is the next step in our evolution.  Is that true?  I was inspired by the thoughts –
You are me in another frequency.  This gave me the feeling of allowance that each have to walk their own path no matter how detrimental.

I felt the reality of happiness is in zero point.  It is not an outer experience but an inner recognition of truth, as this is peace and joy.

I searched for I Ching and I asked about the IT matrix, this is the answer I received the hexigram ‘Hsiao Ch’u ‘the Taming Power of the Small’.  I smiled.

Note that two trigrams make up a hexigram.  I referred to trigrams in my video ‘Is the Matrix True?’

I Ching reading results

Hello susan, the answer to your question “IT control matrix?” is to be found in the reading below.

9   Hsiao Ch’u / The Taming Power of the Small

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Above: Sun The Gentle Wind
Below:Ch’ien The Creative Heaven

The Judgement

The Taming Power of the Small has success. Dense clouds no rain from our western region.

The Image

The wind drives across heaven: The image of The Taming Power of the Small. Thus the superior man refines the outward aspect of his nature.

The Lines

Nine in the fifth place means: If you are sincere and loyally attached You are rich in your neighbor.
Nine in the third place means: The spokes burst out of the wagon wheel. Man and wife roll their eyes.
Nine in the second place means: He allows himself to be drawn into returning. Good fortune.
Nine at the beginning means: Return to the way. How could there be blame in this? Good fortune.

Morpheus offers Neo a choice between the paths of ignorance and truth. From the Warner Bros. film – “The Matrix”

This poem I wrote in contemplation of the Information Technocracy that is being funded and constructed without proper consultation of the public.  What is driving this? Profit and Power!  At some point we look at the red pill or the blue pill.  The Matrix was a metaphor, the decision is real.

IT is the Matrix – A 21st Century Program?

IT is the Matrix,

IT only exists in a fake world,

Where avatars are friends,

Script personalises identity as a holographic human,

A Game to escape the real challenges of life that life sends,

Mr Smith hates this world,

He has no interest in your humanity,

To feed compliance is the fast breeder of the missing links fixed,

For you live in two worlds,

Only one of these worlds has a future,

Anti-depressants numb IT,

Do you choose the red pill or the green pill?

One has a sustainable future the other is back to a possible future 1984,

Do you want to go down the rabbit hole Dorothy or stay in Kansas?

As you question for truth the real portal opens,

Fast breeders through a cyborg network is business as usual,

You pay your taxes you did nothing wrong,

There is no cap on trade in this world trade centre with 1D views,

It is our way or the highway,

And you know where that path leads?

You’ve been there before!

Facebook is the community that identifies by face your friends,

LinkedIn is industry that identifies your groups by business colleagues,

Twitter is a global chat room identifies what you believe as you chatter and link,

Pay pals make it easy to monitor your transactions identifying what you buy,

Research becomes intelligence platforms as the climate changes from snow to drought,

A Stanley rubrics cube or a desert storm?

Bitcoin builds chains of block transfers to a cashless digital economy,

Phasing out cash that can be hidden or exchanged,

Phasing out transactions to allow surveillance to follow the money,

It beggars belief for the home-less starve leaning on fake walls in fake streets,

They made their bed they must sleep on it as the economic architecture becomes hostile,

Human rights are decoupled from cyber trade,

UNESCO and the UN Human Rights Council are dismantled by cyber terrorism in a deep state of FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real blind to the mirror of its own making.

There is no opt out of this fake economy,

An Abbott and Costello puppet shows and tells ‘nothing is lost’ as it turns bull-ish,

You cannot grab the bull by the horns for it is charging …. A fortune,

Take it or leave it is your vote,

In a global commons who cares! your vote has no voice nor representative democracy,

For all must be digitised, scanned, identified, tracked, personalised like digits on a balance sheet,

Debits and credits funding Full Spectrum Dominance (FSD) is the name of this game changer.

There are no democratic rights in the world of cyborgs and artificial (fake) intelligence,

There are no employment rights only contracts without an inter-face,

There is no real face or hands,

For all is below the table,

Below the over the horizon radar,

As the playing deck is stacked in favour of the King makers not Wing makers,

Who are excited about this new reality that all blindly plug into,

At their peril.

Predators in this cyber echo system are bots and crawlers,

Wolves in sheep’s clothing gathering your data,

Space invaders as privacy regulation has no connections,

Downloading invisible code to spy on the unsuspecting,

For this is not ancient codes in Egyptian higher glyphs but digital codes encryption,

For all are in search of the arc of the covenant of unlimited power,

Graphics pop up appearing nice, friendly, smiling, caring to silently seduce you to buy more,

As children innocently click a bike to find the rope is the snake charmer,

For there is no magic as the charmer mirrors what is believed as true,

Politics is the snake charmer appearing as a golden man with a Midas touch,

The left wing is de-mean-ed as the threat to those who think they are right to rule,

The right wing is de-mean-ed as the enemy by those who are left as social justice rules,

Yet compassion, love, family, truth awakens from the dream of separation as left and right unite,

For this is the sound of two hands clapping,

What is the sound of ONE hand clapping?

Is it a zero point of no-thing?

Universal codes download to upgrade this species system beyond versions into a new vision,

The dark side parades as acceptable, compliant, model citizen, jumping through levels to reach goals that never existed in ultimate truth,

Unreal in the minds of those who control you,

Peddling confusion as illusion,

For freedom is to go out of the mind,

Meditating on the no-thing as real.

Are you a number or a person re-REMEMBER-ing?

Are you an energy source or a sovereign BEing?

Can you Bing or Google the no-thing of empty space?

Will you join in the game and create more bitcoins?

Do you want coins or change?

Can you Google your answer to discover the Golden Ratio?

Is greed good in echo chambers of secrets owned by Gordon Gecko,

Cyber Bitcoin is another casino trading baseless currency exchanging losers in stocks for winners,

Imaginary means of exchange can seem so real when dreaming you are awake,

There is no gold standard to encrypt real values,

When your life is a fake ends marketed as meaning,

The turnkey is to find the real means to produce the end you truly desire.

Casting a 1,000,000,000 drift net over 2008,

Why were there no real asset backed lending?

Digital derivatives bundle debt in packaged cyber packets validated by known avatar brand images,

An experiment for the gold man to fills his sachs,

To digitally collapse a global economy profits from transfer pricing,

The gold man now owns your house!

Like a cyber-thief in the night he comes and leaves quietly hacking back doors,

For this is the trap door as cyber security cannot protect you

As ‘ethical hacking’ is a new word in this dictum,

A key note currency super-script with super powers of infinite possibilities and iterations,

He thinks he is larger than life,

New ownership and prosperity appears digitally as the economic re-frame-works parallel reality,

To work-the-frame so YOU believe in the economics as debits and credits rather than hard currency.

A world of false flags and black ops engineer holographic inserts as threats protecting status quo,

For you can never win when you fear to go outside into the real world of your choosing,

When YOU believe everything you read and see to defend as true YOU are losing the game,

To mold the clay is to manipulate perception as a fake reality TV show,

It is the controlling of data input into your brain as critical thinking is not trained,

For you will go down restructured neural pathways to see the same way and call it truth,

You will connect to a broad band network that cares nothing for your real connections,

Manipulated to stay on your computer and keep playing the same game escaping reality …

Another game …
And another …
And another….

To BE or NOT to be is the real question?

  1. To play light hearted for free in Eden unbounded beyond a sky of unlimited possibilities?


  1. To comply in the dark for a fee in digital realms with unlimited data and fake news?

For in one reality you must tick the terms and conditions that you never read,

For you cannot say ‘no’ in this reality,

Participation is always ‘yes’ no matter what you think or say to legally cover illegality,

There are no human rights in this game as the sentinels will come looking for you,

They will evaluate your life and decide to pull out the plug ins and chips,

Disconnected, used up and spat out is The End Game,

A syntax error as fake criminalisation tarnishes your avatar life,

Your number deleted on the system in which there is no money or refuge,

A refugee in the real world where all are stateless making up their own minds.

IT is the lonely addiction of the cyber reality that is not grounded in family values,

That cannot feel the electricity of a tender human touch that is
…not a key stroke,

That doesn’t know the wild passion of making love as the intimate connection
…without networks,

That never dives into the invigorating ocean of spontaneity to create refreshing potentiality,

That never climbs a mountain facing life and death to feel the cool success at the summit
in a physical universe that is breathtaking
…not life taking in digital images of false evidence appearing real (FEAR),

To travel the natural world of countries, cultures, foods, music, rivers, deserts, savannahs, ravines exchanging currency, ideas, friendship, faith in the real time of NOW
…without ulterior motives.

The IT matrix is to keep you indoors believing the matrix is the real world,

Whilst other feeds off …your energy without limit,

Marketing feeds off…your innocence and private desires,

Bitcoins feeds off …your need for security, winning but not love,

Pay pals that are never friends in real time communities with no time to be real,

To shake hands and meet as friends in the real Book of Changes that has a real face and character,

For these are Tri-grams not Insta-gram that is not a selfie but to know thyself and be true,

The yin and yang of change that waves and moves naturally,

Tweets is to hear the birds singing in the morning as the sun shines on your upturned face as grace,

To be “linked in” is to belong in a comm-unity of family and friends that are no longer separating through the hard life of forced work and SMART distractions,

As the SMART city dwellers moves to the Clever Country to discover the fools gold is real freedom.

So which game do you wish to play or is it game over?

To be re-born free is the real world dawning,

Bringers of the dawn awaken your tired eyes to a new reality as a surprise,

IT is no longer false evidence appearing real (FEAR),

The wise ask:  A renewable earth OR playing soldiers of fortune?

Do you wish to take the red pill to awaken or green to go back to sleep?

To awaken reunites the family in a uni-verse that is the ONE song,

No longer seduced by the wolf,

No longer acting as sheep,

But realising you are the universe itself re-in-acting,

You are the ONE song singing your song without fear or favour,

Reaching pitches of the highest frequency without a band width,

That can never be controlled as you are infinite goodness expanding this rhythm,

You are the real Avatar listening to the wind in the willows of ancient spirit guides,

Calling you to remember your ancient heritage which has no foundation,

It is a renewable DNA spiral code that ONE bonds without binary,

For there is no junk DNA when the invisible world becomes enlightenment,

Truth becomes the way shower awake to the game at last,

The hierophant holds a lantern to rekindle the sacred light on the path,

Awakening the fool to step off the cliff of uncertainty without control or roles,

The spiral portal opens you to another way out of chaos,

For chaos is the creative commons that holds no control frequency, pixelating,

For it is not about discipline but listening deeply to what IS,

A silent voice that asks:

A brave new world or a braver world that faces itself?

You get to choose all ways:

Loving IT or Loving What IS?

IT is

IS it


What is the code?

0,1 = 2 strands DNA


0010110 = evol-u-ti-on = no-it-u-love

For you are the hu-man in the mirror …

Changing the ways and means of what is seen,

To realise we are the WORLD and we are the CHILDREN….

Of a new earth.

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”