IT is the Matrix – A 21st Century Program?

I felt inspiration to write this poem about the I.T. Matrix as I can feel the control exercised in narratives assuring it is the next step in our evolution.  Is that true?  I was inspired by the thoughts –
You are me in another frequency.  This gave me the feeling of allowance… Continue reading

Human Rights Watch: Have Israel and Palestine Learned Peace? Defence or Re:solution?

This is a report on the Israel and Palestine conflict in 2016.  Today I am noticing there is a commemoration whereby the Australian  Prime Minister is in Israel honouring the battle of Beersheeba. Refer

I reflected on whether Israel and Palestine has found inner peace yet.  I see violations on… Continue reading

Is Australia and China’s Relationship Compatible with Shared Values and UDHR?

This is an issue that comes to me as an inspiration. I have written a flow of ideas as I try and discern what is happening and also post links from Falun Gong and an article by CNN reporting American discourse  about human rights in China below.  The biggest strategic error in my… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”