Circling Tiananmen Square Chinese Warships Arrive in Australia

When I watched the documentary I reflected on the rise of totalitarianism here in Australia.  I felt a similar feeling of truth speaking, community unity, loving my country and so on, as all people’s around the world do when confronted with oppression, pressured standards of living and a hunger for change. 

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Speak Up: Academia, Climate Change, Toxic Spraying and 5G Frequencies

Geoengineering I used to think was about geology and engineering, it is actually about geographical control.  Geoengineering is whistle-blowing on government, military, intelligence in the public interest and at great risk.  My post on Kevin Shipp a former CIA anti-terrorism specialist was shutdown on Facebook

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Assange Detained Arbitrarily for 8 years for Publishing Evidence of War Crimes and Human Rights Violations

Everyone has the right to a fair hearing.  From my perspective Julian Assange took steps to make visible what was happening behind closed doors.  Snowden did the same.  From my perspective as a citizen, whilst I didn’t feel the need to go through all that was released, I realised that citizens were… Continue reading

Snowden, Democratic Liberty Sacrificed on the Alter of National Security

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, New York Times best selling author, former professor at Princeton University, activist and ordained Presbyterian minister. He has written 11 books,

The video is called ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’.  This is essential viewing in respect of the reasons why democratic liberty is diminishing.  This is indicative in… Continue reading

Andrew Wilkie MP Warns of Major Issues that threaten Australian Democratic Rights and Civil Liberties

I find this article and video very concerning.  I interviewed Andrew Wilkie when he was a whistleblower against the government involvement in the War in Iraq.  I found him very articulate, knowledgeable and honest.  He was an analyst at the Office of National Assessment and he considered there was a very low… Continue reading

Can Universities Face the Range of Social and Political Failures or Just Focus on Profits?

Key question:

Are Universities democratic?  Are you free to say what you think? Or if it is out of line with the prevailing views does that make you radical or embracing of freedom of speech?

An article from Tufts University.

The Politics of Learning for Democracy

By: Nancy L. Thomas

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Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”