Speak Up: Academia, Climate Change, Toxic Spraying and 5G Frequencies

Geoengineering I used to think was about geology and engineering, it is actually about geographical control.  Geoengineering is whistle-blowing on government, military, intelligence in the public interest and at great risk.  My post on Kevin Shipp a former CIA anti-terrorism specialist was shutdown on Facebook

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Wake Up to A Re-New-Able World

We get so caught up in work, life and the drama’s played out on television. Yet ultimately we are all responsible for the shape of the world.  It is to stop and really contemplate our own actions and how they impact on life on earth and for the future of our species and all… Continue reading

Gratitude Changes The World




What is selflessness?

You simply must go beyond the self,

To work for the greater good,

For this is the common wealth,

That is an uncommon



The world is embroiled in distraction,

iPhones, computers, apps, movies, markets and mayhem,

As the schism that divides,

Is the mask… Continue reading

A US Declaration of Independence for World Peace

This is a fantastic document, I wish we had it here in Australia.  I know in Australia we have sought freedoms, I met the guy who was working on a Bill of Rights here, I learned a few days ago by a prominent lawyer here that the Bill of Rights was refused by government… Continue reading

United Nations World Peace Plan


Anything is possible when it is possible to be anything.  We are One.

Be the change folks!



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Have Faith In Yourself You CAN Climb the Highest Mountain


I believe in all people to change the world.  I do not believe the negative media or naysayers.  I absolutely know from my own experience that people are inherently wise and share the same wisdom.  All we have to do is choose the world we wish to create.  If you… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”