Change Petition to Stop Funding Cuts for Foodbank is New Power

This is an example of social change in respect of new power. are promoting their volunteer Allan who has started a petition to save the funding for Foodbank.   This is about food security for those who cannot access food.

This is a link to Foodbank

Foodbank Victoria

4/2 Somerville… Continue reading

TEDx: Jeremy Heimans an Activist who GetsUp for Social Movements of Change

Jeremy Heimans is an inspiring speaker on Tedx Amsterdam who started taking responsibility for his world at 7 year old.  He was the founder of GetUp!

As an adult he is speaking about old power and new power.

Old power is power over, new power is power within.  The latter is happening naturally… Continue reading

Are Cuts to the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) about Curtailing Freedom of Speech?

I just noticed I wrote Australian Broadcasting Commission not Corporation, that has to do with my age.  When I was young it was called this.  What is really obvious now I look to see and see to look is that it is a corporation.  That means it can trade.  This is… Continue reading

A New Era of Peace and Happiness for Little Children

This poem I felt inspired to write today as I contemplate one of the darkest issues on our planet – Pedophilia, I can barely write the words it so horrifies me. So I have felt to write and see what wisdom arises to help me to make peace with this. I feel the geometric circle… Continue reading

Why Do We Not Change Given Spiritual Wisdom?

This is an interesting session on spiritual teachers and why the powerful do not change the old paradigm.

Imagine if people lived the highest beliefs they believe in without fear or favour.  Our world would change overnight.

There is perennial wisdom that is shared through the source of our inner knowing.  The only… Continue reading

A Stern Report is a Climate of Changing Business-As-Usual

Elements in the business community are calling the shots around the world given their disproportionate power and influence. They have a responsibility to change their practices that are causing and catalysing climate change. Can they be the leadership all are waiting for or do they conform to hundreds of years of business-as-usual? Their decisions will… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”