Homeless Lives Matter Walk to Parliament House, Canberra

This video overviews my creating ‘Homeless Lives Matter’ in Canberra.  In one week I put together two initiatives to invite the public and homeless people to a walking meditation on City Hill (People’s Hill) to imagine the reality of homelessness.  The next day initiated a walk to Parliament House on the eve of… Continue reading

Human Services Robo-debt Servicing Debt or Welfare?

This quote below is extracted from the article below, it is a core statement and drives to the heart of the problem.

DHS acting deputy secretary of Integrity and Information Jason McNamara told the Finance and Public Administration References Committee on Friday the data-matching program went well.   “The department’s view would be, we… Continue reading

TEDx: Jeremy Heimans an Activist who GetsUp for Social Movements of Change

Jeremy Heimans is an inspiring speaker on Tedx Amsterdam who started taking responsibility for his world at 7 year old.  He was the founder of GetUp!

As an adult he is speaking about old power and new power.

Old power is power over, new power is power within.  The latter is happening naturally… Continue reading

What is the Global Elite’s Agenda?

I just viewed this film last night and to be honest I am really concerned.  I would be interested to hear from others about what they think?  I believe a global public conversation should happen to discuss what is going on in our world in our name and portrayed as serving us. … Continue reading

Stingray Spying on Phones and Non-Disclosure in Courts

I have been surveilled by the FBI and probably still am. I noted on my friend’s phone “FBI surveillance” literally in the wireless list, given she is not political it is likely it is me as I am speaking up more now.  I have posted a photo of this surveillance on this blog as… Continue reading

The Pyramid Code: A New Chronology

This is another fascinating video on the Egyptian pyramids and reflect on this past to reinterpret the future. Higher approaches to civilisation were evident in the ancient past. We have forgotten and lost this knowledge.  The ideas in the pyramid code revolutionise the age of the pyramids and sphynx.  They were not tombs… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”