Human Services Robo-debt Servicing Debt or Welfare?

This quote below is extracted from the article below, it is a core statement and drives to the heart of the problem.

DHS acting deputy secretary of Integrity and Information Jason McNamara told the Finance and Public Administration References Committee on Friday the data-matching program went well.   “The department’s view would be, we… Continue reading

Launch Housing – Real People Real Poverty

This could be you, no matter who you are.  You may have a crisis, a nervous breakdown, bullying, a shock, self respect, independence, conscientous objection with welfare or lose everything.  I am you.  You are me!  One story talks about sitting at cafe’s I’ve done a lot of that in order… Continue reading

IT is the Matrix – A 21st Century Program?

I felt inspiration to write this poem about the I.T. Matrix as I can feel the control exercised in narratives assuring it is the next step in our evolution.  Is that true?  I was inspired by the thoughts –
You are me in another frequency.  This gave me the feeling of allowance… Continue reading

Charting a New Course of REAL HOPE for the Future of Infinite Possibility

I felt inspired to write about the future from the future looking back.  The wonder of poetry I can time travel in my heart envisaging REAL HOPE


Charting a New Course of REAL HOPE for the Future of Infinite Possibility


I am in the future looking back,

Full Spectrum Dominance was barely… Continue reading

I send Love and REAL HOPE to Those Who Are Suffering Today

If you are feeling alone, or deeply hurt about something that happened in your life, just know you are not alone.  I know the world can seem a hard place but I am just writing this to those out there who feel desperate.

I feel I will write a poem as this is my… Continue reading

Your Life is Successive You Never Failed

This poem is to send peace to many who think they have failed.  Life has sent you what you needed to learn.  There are no mistakes and you cannot fail.  The only failure is to fail to see the great value of your life.

I send this to men in particular, I… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”