Your Life is Successive You Never Failed

This poem is to send peace to many who think they have failed.  Life has sent you what you needed to learn.  There are no mistakes and you cannot fail.  The only failure is to fail to see the great value of your life.

I send this to men in particular, I think they can be harder on themselves with what they perceive as success.  I thank them for being here and giving life a go.  If you are still here you succeeded as life is not easy for most, yet we perservere onward.  That is courage.



In the ocean of your eyes,

Your dreams float like clouds,

Sometimes overcast,

Casting a shadow,

Casting stones into the pond of reflection,

Testing and trying your hopes,

Peaks and depression elope,

But as you suspend yourself over the moment,

And know another is waiting for you,

It is completely new,

You do not have to travel over the quarry of worries,

For opportunity sits and waits,

It is patient and kind,

It is sublime and calls you silently,

In the chamber of your heart.


The window from which you see your future,

Is only one perspective in this panoramic house,

There are many windows,

Some open some close,

But throw the four leaf clover onto the wind,

As it catches the scent of your direction,

You will feel her caress your face so lightly,

With a touch barely visible,

For life is indivisible,

It is subtle,

But defined.


As the sun shines on you,

On all whose lives you touch,

Know that you are meaningful,


For life is successive,

There is no failure,

There is no hurry,

No need to flurry to catch the train,

The four leaf clover falls on the tracks again,

Keeping you on track,

Another helping hand,

As you begin to understand,

That each moment is perfect for you,

The world defines you,

And you give it colour,

You give it grace,

You sing your songs,

You are always safe.


So my friend I give you hope,

For hope is life,

For life is opportunity,

From the well spring of choices,

Choose the voices,

From whom you listen,

Wash their feet,

Feel the tears glisten,

To be truly alive,

Is a miracle,

For many live to die,

Seems so simple,

I cry for the potential discarded and alone,

If only they had picked up the phone,

Called out,


Stepped across the threshold,

Of imagination,

And found the fascination,

They wrote,

And leave it to the tide,

It will float,

Across the moat of creation.

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Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”