Electing Freedom of Speech OK

A subject close to my heart.  This poem I was inspired to write when Assange was arrested.  May truth, visibility, freedom of speech be held in the light.


Electing Freedom of Speech OK


It is a new moon,

On the crest of great change,

Freedom of speech is on trial again,… Continue reading

Silicon Valley or the Mountain Top?

A poem I felt inspired to write this morning.


Silicon Valley or the Mountain Top


A prayer for you,

For you are the prayer

Of billions.


You believe you are not good enough,

Yet you are beyond belief,

You believe you cannot make the grade,

Yet you have surpassed being graded,

You… Continue reading

Child Abuse is not Love but Power

Are we powerless?  Are we voiceless?  What can the public do about child abuse?  What is the reason why people abuse children?  How do we reconnect community to protect children?

This is a poem I wrote.  I send out the call to end all child abuse and to make those… Continue reading

US Shutdown or Open Source

Today is Australia Day, my wish is that democracy is not a iconic statement but a lived experience shared by all peoples.  We are in times where people require their voice to be heard.  They require the truth to be told.  They require any injustice, corruption or deception to be… Continue reading

Do you Choose the Algorithm or Al Gore Rhythm?

I wrote the poem this morning after the video I felt to record the night before. I realised they connected.  I have published the video and will attach this poem.  I will post a key scene from the movie Titanic and under that the film by Al Gore – An Inconvenient Truth. … Continue reading

I Googled Google in Mountain View Searching the Engine of My Life

Now I know who is archiving all my blog posts.  It is a form of monitoring.  I listen to this article below and they talk about creating personalities in technology.  This is so we bond with technology. The key is to create a bond or some form of addiction so people keep… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”