Inequality – an Unquestioned Judgement

In truth inequality is not just a word it is the basis of all conflict in our world.  When you see and feel equality you actually see and feel fairness. Justice naturally arises not as a legal proposition but a resolution that is natural when we are aligned with inner values.

This poem I… Continue reading

Dreaming Peace in Poetry Gave REAL HOPES

This is a video explaining why my life moved from market research to peace as the result of a dream.  My life is guided by inspiration which is going with the flow of life not against it.  It is learning to be at peace no matter what is happening.  This is the… Continue reading

US and Russia Living in Separation as Lives

This song was set in Moscow.  I thought of the Cold War revitalising today.  I saw the separation due to ideology.  Yet always it is the people that pay the price for the war mentality.  I look forward to a time when the power of love overcomes the love of power.… Continue reading

The Big Picture Is Life Affirming Freedom’s Song


The melting pot,

Is a concoction of diversity that is breath taking,

Life making,

Life taking,

Where all of life gives and takes,

In a sacred dance of cycles,

Circling the earth charter,

That has no contract,

Just charting courses, migrations, gulf streams,

From flood to drought,

Earthquake to tsunami,

Blizzard to hurricanes,

Tornado… Continue reading

Disturbing the Peace for Prosperity or Democracy? What is true?

Disturbing the Peace for Prosperity or Democracy?


This is a poem for the masters,

Of manipulation,

Pulling the levers of emotion,

For outcomes,

For incomes,

Who use division,

Who use hate,

To divide and conquer.


A revelation comes to me on waking,

For I am waking up to the manipulation

of the people,… Continue reading

Palestinian/Israeli Journal of Peace Poetry Expresses Feelings to Evoke Dialogue

Inspired by love.  Feeling is remote sensing.  This is the curriculum of life.


Vol. 7 Nos 1&2, 2000 / The Search for Regional Cooperation

The Dialogue of Poetry: Palestinian and Israeli Poets Writing Through Conflict and Peace
The importance of communication through poetry to the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”