US Shutdown or Open Source

Today is Australia Day, my wish is that democracy is not a iconic statement but a lived experience shared by all peoples.  We are in times where people require their voice to be heard.  They require the truth to be told.  They require any injustice, corruption or deception to be revealed and a consequence to occur. For if it doesn’t the problem grows.  It is not in anyone’s interests ultimately, particularly those orchestrating disruptions.


US Shutdown or Open Source?


US Shutdown,

Media spin,

What is the diversion?

What is the distraction?

What is the disruption?

How does the tail wag the dog?

All events are staged,

Get Smart.


To read between the lines,

Is to know all news is fake,

Who represents “We the People” in truth?

Constitutional law is the Berlin Wall on the street,

South of the Border force – a false flag?

The national anthem is playing whistling Dixie,

As the left doesn’t know what the right is doing,

Campaigns are PR events,

Government is a PR event,

Wars are a PR event,

What is PR?

Public Relations is Public Affairs,

As citizens are manipulated like puppets on a string,

Emotions stirred to fan the embers of discontent,

For life, liberty and happiness is what is at stake,

Is this Smart?


Trump is a business man,

He is not the joker he is the Trump card,

He is the rook in a global game of chess,

He is Napoleon,

For is he really a radical?

Is he really challenging the establishment
or is this what is picked up in a Google search?

Is this the sentiment of “the people” algorithm?

Is this the twin Trump Towers?

The smoke and mirror image of what appears real and then is seen?

Smart move…


Turn-bull a Gold man Sachs,

Knows the business man,

What is the business of all the Presidents men?

For answers lie in sacks of Gold,

The Fool’s Gold is the mirror image,

Fort Knox is morally bankrupt,

Democracy is on trial for treason,

But what is the real seasoning?

Flavouring the mood of discontinent?

Who Is Smart?

Why Chaos?


A Coup de tat is a problem-solution new deal,

A Problem stage manages potential heroes,

As “the people” are the problem to be staged,

A war on democracy attacks the heart and mind without a shot fired,

It is a flank attack in MBA business schools strategy,

Undermining faith in the flag,

Is the false flag hoisted up,

As raiders seize the lost Arc,

Yay the Arc of the Covenant,

Nazi’s searched for the ultimate power,

Totalitarian control for full spectrum dominance,

Indiana Jones realised great forces would be unleashed,

As the real covenant to uphold office ‘So help me God’ was broken,

Is this Smart?


How deep does rabbit hole go?

A 1 mile island melt down on Capital hill,

Is the metaphoric crash on the Street,

Walls that divide are challenges to transcend,

When one sees to look into the corporate manual,

Labour saving devices are the keys to what is not safe,

“We the People” are pawns in this game,

The dice is loaded for one side to win,

Yet those who win will ultimately lose,

Corruption is the disruption to social order and good governance,

It is the cancer that spreads out of control,

For power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately,

We are the Fools awakening from a long slumber of dumbing down,

That shut down freedom of speech,

That shut down true democratic choice,

That shut down representation of the ordinary person,

That shut down public services: health, care, education, emergency services and rights,

For there is a war power that fights human rights as a blight in the sight of those addicted to power,

They see the truth as the enemy,

Yet how to shut down truth quietly?

How to kill off diversity surreptitiously?

How to shut down freedom and hand over power?

For these are universal covenant’s given by God’s grace,

To know the love of power does not know the power of love,

Is this Smart or intelligent design?


A brave new world must speak up to find what is lost,

For many have suffered silently for a long time,

Many soothed through wine and drugs to discover this is not the Garden of Eden,

One must face the truth on shifting sand when dealing with climates of great change,

Deception is the reception when cashing in the chips for real currency,

The mask will fall for all to see,

Representation becomes a republic ‘I can’,

Human rights becomes dissent,

Terror ism is man’s war with man,

For the only threat has been to truth,

As the truth sets you free,

For you have been told what to think,

How to think,

And this is the think tank,

As democracy was indeed the pretence of power,

And this was the power in the system,

Which is unsustainable.


So what is your vote?

You vote by action not ballot,

Do you vote for peace and happiness?

Do you vote for corporate rule?

For the rules have changed incrementally,

Will you change fundamentally?

For real change is to understand the fundamentals of power,

Then let it go,

As night follows day you cannot bare false witness to another,

One can fight to the bottom?

Or rise to the top?

The choice is freedom from fear or the fear of freedom?

This is the Grid iron line over which you carry the ball,

For in every country we are playing the same game,

As globalisation is a brand image of remote control,

Do we turn on the tel-e-visions or look to truth for a saviour?

For you can only save yourself,

To thine own self be true is the portal,

Nonviolence is the force more powerful,

The statue of liberty holds the torch awaiting your decision,

For she is the only court card that can trump the deck,

As the Titanic is sinking for no ship is unsinkable,

Know when you are in despair,

Empires always fall,

God sends are angels in disguise to help you realise,

The end of the Times ushers in the start of Creative Commons,

For to be common is to be creative,

Equality is the common wealth for which you are recalibrating,

It cannot be found online or mainlining,

It is the expression of our true nature when love is heartfelt,

For Lincoln is not a memorial but a pro-claim-ation for all who feel enslaved,

The Statue of Liberty enlightens the entire world,

As the Founders were the Co-Creators of true Liberation when all were ONE and ONE was for all,

They watch over this debacle as barnacles cleared from this sinking ship,

For each must pledge an oath of allegiance to life, liberty and happiness as a lived experience not a mantra in endless selfie posting delusions of grandeur on Facebook, Twitter to be LinkedIn,

It is to re-build community as the common unity face to face,

To let go of competition and find communion heart to heart,

For union is not left or right but the central hub rotating the wheel of ‘same same but different’,

Yin and yang symbolises change as dark and light unite in one song,

For what you see in another is in yourself,

What you resist persists and what you look at disappears,

Evolution is to reverse polarity – no it u love,

Roman rules could not bare the crosses carried,

Authoritarian power enslaved those who enforced it,

Centurions are not 21st century gladiators in war games,

For the greatest strength is not in power,

Love, compassion and forgiveness are the three horseman for whom you await,

The star of Bethlehem is not in any arms industry,

For only wise alms summon the star to shine on real hope, (miracles)

Real stars carry holy wood realising the forest is the wood, (nature)

Teaching the speck in your eye is not the log in the other, (judgement)

Teaching olive branch is given to those open to receive, (olive trees)

For when you give the loaves and fishes of ‘abundance’ multiply,

For this is not pay pal or money changes it is the power of love in action,

For what you give away returns in abundance,

What you take is taken away in proportion,

When you go with OUT you go without (outside),

When you go with IN you go within (inner sight),

For universal law is the only law that responds to cause and effect equally,

A free energy response,

What you cause you affect,

Responsibility is integrity where s/he owns the part played in city deals,

To come clean is the re-new-able deal where hands are above boards,

Purging what does not serve humanity,

For can you find your way home in this mission,

Some may say ‘impossible’,

It is time to come home,

As we finish with what no longer works,

“We the People” are taking our bat and ball,

We know The Game is Over,

Home is Where the Heart is,

Love is Who You Are,

Peace om shanti Namaste,

The God in You Greets the God in Me,

I am You…

In-to-me-see (intimacy),

And this is how we live


Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”