Apple iPhone Privacy Breach Bugs Me and YOU

The more I investigate social media the more concerned I become.  I do not believe this is a bug I believe this is what has been happening.  So the iPhone only need ring for you to listen in, you don’t have to answer.  So if you want to gather data, listen in on private conversations incognito (like a crossed line traditionally on phones) you can breach privacy deliberately or accidently without penalty as these laws are weakening.

These technologies are not in our interests.  I am so glad I don’t have a phone anymore.  I will never get one.  I am voting with my feet and will only access cyber when necessary.  It is not worth giving up my privacy for this Brave New World.  We do not understand the importance of values, respect, dignity, integrity, empathy or the big one responsibility.  The technology tempts those who want the upper hand, who want the intel and who want to win one way or another.

We are not evolved enough to be able to responsibly use technology and of course children, young people and adults are not taught the protocol or ethics of use.  We don’t even know that we isolate others by walking and being on phones ignoring those around us.  I saw this today and this woman walked past me twice she did not take her eyes off the screen.  Had I fallen over, been attacked or thrown up she wouldn’t have noticed.  It is unbelievable.  I actually stopped another young woman and said to her she was the first I saw who was not on her phone. She said she hadn’t seen me, I said I saw her.  She said she was enjoying the weather (rain and clouds) as she had lived in a rainforest.  I said that must have been beautiful. She was from India.  I told her about the world I grew up in and how we always acknowledged people, we smiled and knew our community.  She asked me what I was doing.  I said I am a researcher working on world peace.  I told her I live a free life, she was intrigued.  I shared about my life.  She then told me she was studying IT Cyber security.  I said why?  She said because she wants to make money.  I said to her what would you do if money was not your motivation, she looked at me and said I would be a movie director.  I said follow your heart, do what makes you happy don’t go for the money.  It will not make you happy.  I told her about my book ‘A Fool for Peace’.  I told her it was on the net for free in pdf.  She said she would look for it.  She wanted to connect with me on LinkedIn, I told her I am Worldpeacefull.  She said she would connect, I said I look forward to it.  In truth we had connected in the moment we met.

I worry for the young ones as I see their isolation, their detachment from the world and we are the poorer for it.  I met this lovely woman only because I made her look at me and connect.  We have now really connected and if my book inspires her, then it was worth bothering to connect in a real way, not to have friends but to make friends.  That is the real world I live in.

So the advice here in respect of the information below, is turn the phone off when with friends, and even better do not have it on you as you can be tracked.  Be real friends. Respect all people.

Apple’s FaceTime bug lets you hear through someone else’s iPhone without consent

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A serious FaceTime bug allows users to call somebody via FaceTime and listen to their phone’s microphone regardless of whether the person picks up the call. After multiple people replicated the issue, an Apple spokesperson said they’ve identified a fix that will be “released in a software update later this week.”

Hover to unmute


Now you can answer for yourself on FaceTime even if they don’t answer🤒 explain this..

This is not good — FaceTime call any iPhone and hear their microphone instantly, without their consent.

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Want to see a really bad bug? You can FaceTime any iOS device running 12.1 and listen in remotely—WITHOUT THE OTHER PERSON ANSWERING THE CALL. (via )

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1. Start a FaceTime video call. 2. While it’s still ringing, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and click “Add Person.” 3. Add your own phone number to the call. You’ll now be able to hear the microphone from the other device, even if the owner is nowhere nearby.

Just tested in our office. The other iPhone rang for a minute, and then the call was marked as “Failed”… but I could still hear everything on the other end. 😱

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I don’t know about you, but I’m disabling FaceTime on my Mac and iPhone until this is resolved.

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Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”