Electing Freedom of Speech OK

A subject close to my heart.  This poem I was inspired to write when Assange was arrested.  May truth, visibility, freedom of speech be held in the light.


Electing Freedom of Speech OK


It is a new moon,

On the crest of great change,

Freedom of speech is on trial again,

For to trespass onto no-mans-land is not a level crossing when booby trapped,

He stands between international law and treason as is the season,

Van dieman’s land is the Southern Cross roads,

When stuck between the rock and a hard place,

A fork in the road or a line in the sand?

Uluru Ayres rock is a monolith surrounded by a Great Sandy Desert,

Isolated from the outside world yet unmistakable in its bearing,

King’s Canyon is the veritable Garden of Eden yet reminding us of climates of great change,

Remnants of an ancient tropical rainforest overwhelmed by ocean yet not girt by sea,

For this is a see-change on drift nets of cyber currents on a world wide web of corruption.


Cyber hacking has become ethical when approval is given,

Privacy is breached within impunity as immunity from prosecution,

For these are the terms of trade that rewrite terms and conditions to favour vendors,

Vendor (buyer beware)

Where access is ‘denied’ if you do not ride and tick your box,

Data is gathered without consent from multiple platforms as partners,

Access is to continue to lose the right to privacy in real time,

For how long have governments been hacking private phone lines,

Eons or Echelon?

Two Eyes or Five eyes are allies of information sharing on private citizens,

Over the horizon radars report beyond the line of public sight as war is money,

Cypher code breaking was a walk in Bletchley Park which is no longer an enigma,

Spycatcher was not a dream catcher as double agents trade secrets as real politik is fuelled by secrecy and covert operations.


Stingray and surveillance is to feel the sting before you see the ray coming,

Steve Irwin caught on camera as he was stung saving the wild life at sea,

David Attenborough is at the end of his rung as he sees the end of life but who cares?

As IT cyber drift and drag nets personalise schools, track flows but will not save our species,

As the treatise is full spectrum dominance rather than allowance favouring natural selection,

Silicon replaces the gold standard but is not biodegradable when electrical circuitry,

Scientific automation STEMS employment forcing dependency on universal incomes without rights,

The top dog believes in self-reliance but does not see its own dependency on mother earth beyond space and time,

For she is sending signals and sign waves that are not scalable or im-pulse-sive,

As natural electromagnetic fields return to zero point reversing direction before it is too late,

As corruption of the natural current is the real circuit breaker of living systems,

Dipoles magnetize north and south to extract endless zero point energy as endless war for oil is the disruptor setting many fields on fire,

For there is a high price to pay for oil as the public are left in the dark,

Shale is not the holy grail when free energy was the Tesla tower,

For truth has been concealed in the name of national security but how is a nation secure when their freedom of speech is curtailed by laws that criminalise protest?

Is this is the hour of our greatest discontent?

For what is espionage but the secret recordings of Watergate!

Illegal oil wars of aggression under false pretences by a Secretary of State in Defence!

Omissions from 9/11 commissions headed by those implicated is not stated,

Freedom of speech becomes a duty of care,

For many do not care but do their duty without questions,

Nondisclosure contracts swaps democracy for oligarchy,

What is the option to swap collateral debts GFC for fair trade propriety?

Constitutional rights are suspended by contracting endless war theorems,

Walls on the street erect the great wall of China seen from space,

For we are in a China syndrome,

A meltdown as the drought of water cannot cool the core problem,

As crimes against humanity are spin offs of centripetal forces shape changing greed,

Fiefdoms are the seeds of lawlessness living above law and order in perpetuity,

Privatisation is the New Court where only money talks to power elites,

And it was this that created Wiki-leaks as a mirror image in the hour glass,

Not a mirage in a desert storm replicating a false Garden of Eden,

But Uluru awakening from the dreaming
as life is a boomerang returning to sender,

Encryption deciphered brought down humpty dumpty walls on the street,

For the world must read the writing on the wall before it is too late to escape,

Graffiti sprayed in calligraphy under SMART lights will say…















Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”