Chinese Checkers, Russian Roulette or a State of Grace

I felt to write a poem about the Chinese/US standoff.  It is really an amazing process as I just allow the flow of nature to guide insight.  I never know what I will write until it is written and I see the truth in it.  Poetry is the song of the heart, it doesnt play favourites when truth is the silent intent.  It just feels the contours and uses images to generate insights. If I was to do a study it would take me months to get to the insights I saw.  Life is not human it is a movement without time and no hands.  It is a flow.

I felt to quote Albert Einstein’s wise insight that Gene Sharp (nonviolent action activist) didn’t understand, it was to feel for the wisdom. Nonviolent techniques affect the balance of power does not catalyse harmony but still forces change.

He was a strategist not coming from principled (virtuous) truth but from the mirror. The mirror does work but truth is the game changer.  Truth, like the apple, can only fall from the tree at the right time.  So if we had a world that was not Hobbesian (Thomas Hobbes, philosopher – tooth and claw) it would not be to take advantage of a movement to change a government but it would be to help that other change when they are ready.  That is the movement of virtue in harmony. Control comes from fear of change as it fears ‘out of control’ or ‘chaos’ (familiar?). Some say order out of chaos or from chaos comes order.  I question is chaos out of order?  From natures perspective it is a clearing of the old to make way for the new.

True nonviolence is the natural flow or natural order, it is based on balance not force.  I feel this is the lesson of Grace for all sides. Einstein stated:

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

My poem (hot off the press….)


Order from Chaos or a Book of Changes for a re-new-able Earth?

Chinese checkers,

black or white?

What is the next move?


strategic or patterns?

Tactics or meaning?

Pairs or suits?

What is the sequence?

Pong, Kong or Chow,

Can war games complete Mah-jong

or is it Chinese Checkers?

The aim is to win the game,

but what if Cold wars are zero sum games,

where cyber wars are without frontiers and games without tears?

Are we forming a meld from the draw pile,

you do not have to show it (concealment),

next player discards and picks up tiles,

always moving to the right,

is right left,

is left right,

is there right or wrong in this game of strategy?

as no tiles are discarded in a winning hand,

yet only the winning hand knows the score.

The purpose of games was to learn to play together,

to not take the game too seriously,

it was to spend time together relating,

it was not about winning it was about learning to play

the game in harmony,

as war is a zero sum game (no winners).

Brinkmanship is another game,

Russian roulette is about holding one’s nerve,

to guess the bluff or discover cyber security threats,

is another theatre,

where events play out,

as the audience learn of the plot,

they watch the characters,

aware of moving or broken lines,

wondering is 144 or 64 the magic number?

144,000 playing for peace is the global shift,

64 hexagrams denotes I Ching the book of great Changes,

for is it to be ‘money changers’ or harmonic changes?

what song are you really singing?

we can play games to change or
re-order the checkers on the boards or
we can seek to ask for a higher order,

for this requires a decision to open to harmony,

harmony laughs at the money changes as the real peace is not in material success,

they know it is wiser to stay below,


I throw the yarrow sticks and ask a question,

I ask:

Why this conflict?
What are they to learn?
What is the outcome?

I am surprised….


is the answer (before I asked),

grace is the beauty of form to in-form,

I feel for calligraphy not pre-text,

the beauty of life is hidden in the metaphor,

the beauty of the material world
is not housed in
alluvial deposits but natural wonders,

which is pleasing to the eye?

success or happiness?

success and happiness?

what if – happiness is the real success?

Can you use the tension to co-create a better world re-order?

what do you choose:

a New World Order of total control or sharing power?

do you choose:
, bi-polar, multi-polar or freedom?

what of the negative/positive poles?

what of magnetic imbalance?

did you re:member the ice caps are melting?

what of the Garden of Eden?

How long can the world play zero sum games?

to begin something anew is wise counsel,

to change ones clothes at the start of a new day,

to open to critique is no longer believing ‘the emperor has no clothes’,

it is to change the cut of the cloth and the pattern of the weave,

Then the clothes maketh the man and wo-man together (yin and yang).

The all seeing eye is cyber surveillance desiring the ONE ring
yet there are many mansions in th
is Kingdom,

what if one closes the eyes to see,

ONE becomes the circle not the square,

a state of Grace appears as the fool’s gold waiting on your welcome,

as a flotilla gracefully enters Sydney Harbour to surprise the trump card

as the game play is a royal flush,

Circular Key is the turn key asking..

can we turn our ships around?

can we ensure the titanic (unsinkable earthship) does not sink?

do we return to sink or swim (together)?

who throws a line – moving or broken?

is there a third sider possibility?

The wise say:

Enjoy the book of changes but do not take the game too seriously,

as all lose in adversarial conflict where winning is the biggest loser,

for it is the wise who play not to win,

for if it is to only win we would not play another game

as the game is rigged by those in pole position!

We play to:

test our skills,

to learning games,

to problem solving strategy,

for we are deciding in every moment,

who we really are?

Are you Chinese?

Are you Australian?

Are you American?


A global citizen?

It is when you see same same but different,

totalitarianism fades to grey,

as we cannot play the one game with the one player in harmony,

as it is Game Over,

life is a billion combinations,

a billion decision trees,

a collective consciousness that cannot be controlled by any player,

for billions are watching and choosing their future,

with or without your consent,

with or without smart cities,

with or without permission,

as democracy was never a Western notion it was the ocean of freedom calling all home,

and this was the natural impulse at Tiananmen Square,

this was an Anonymous movement at Time Square,

Universal rights are not individual nor group,

they arise in the absence of moral codes, ethics or virtues that naturally select justice,

and this is the message for Time Square and Tiananmen Square,

it is to move from the square to the circle,

circling the square of rigid constraints,

a prison cell with no exit or natural pattern making?

a surveillance state with no trust or familial memory or
peace building restorative justice as a World Court resolve
s disputes without immunity from prosecution,

this is the holy grail quest!

War crimes against humanity will become renewable test cases,

Lest we forget ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’,

For in these stand offs the mirror is reflecting control not freedom,

for the one in control is never free flowing,

to control means to make all life one business,

yet life is free flowing natural systems 4 billion years old,

for no nation state created the world,

the world created the nation state,

nationality divided into superiority and inferiority,

yet is this true?

for equality is the equilateral triangle of balance (triune),

it is mind, body and spirit,

for we are to learn the wisdom of the book of changes,

our weight (footprint) is in tri-grams and hexi-grams,

to learn how to dismantle walls erected to keep the family out.

Can we meet in the circle not the square?

for this is the original roundtable of equals,

it is the place of great honour as there is no head,

all hands are above boards,

for only those of great virtue can sit at this table,

you cannot work your way up or be selected,

Excalibur is the sword of truth not violence,

A higher order pre-selects The virtuous Way,

for all wars must end beyond space
and just-in-time.

Mother earth is throwing her yarrow sticks not coins,

she doesn’t play dice or gamble with life,

she is Grace playing mah-jong to not win but to play,

she is pattern making and weaving a greater tapestry,

she is homeostasis restoring natural lore and order,

she is Lady Justice as balance recalibrating natural justice,

she silently advises we must meet in the middle,

as right and wrong were never the gavels of justice,

left and right are the two hands clapping,

for nature does not take sides but rebalances what is out of harmony,

natural law is the true levy rebalancing not social credits but karma,

for you cannot control what is given for free,

to re:member what you do to another returns to the self,

the mirror reflects the face of the other,

for they are you,

and you are they,

what we dislike most in an opponent,

resides in the self unrecognised and unconscious,

as denial conceals one’s hand in many harmful games,

yet the enemy was never outside,

fear and guilt are the only enemies of humankind,

clashing cultures was to learn ‘same same but different’,

religion was to find pathways to higher expressions but not to persecute or prosecute in the name of righteousness,

harmony is zero point,

zero point is the global reset or turn key realised.

Did you know Canberra is indigenous meaning ‘meeting place’?

Australia is the place to meet in the middle,

to become the mediator is to de-escalates fear and misunderstanding,

yet the mediator cannot facilitate in fear or with favours,

one cannot be a turn coat or dance the political soft shoe shuffle,

one must stand in the middle grounded,

to Advance Australia Fair is to seek the wise agreement,

one must find the place of inner peace and light candles to illuminate,

no longer burning from both ends,

for to be a light in the darkness is to serve both sides in truth,

this becomes a service to humanity,

for one cannot force outcomes but simply relinquish control to play a role,

for change occurs as the apple that falls from the tree yielding to gravity,

one cannot force it to fall,

democracy is not a Western notion but fell naturally as force didn’t yield fruits,

power sharing and cooperation offered self determination and the right to be human,

one can only live in balance with respect of differences,

bullying is not power but powerlessness is search of power grids.

respect is the missing peace at all tables,

Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness and Love is the turnkey of authenticity (show the real face),

HOPES is Honesty, Oneness, Peace, Enjoyment and Service as sustainable future options (unity is the only option),

Therefore, REAL HOPES:

is a saving grace for saving face is dignity,

to stay below is humility in service to harmony,

the greatest leader stays below ego in the background,

as s/he is to restore peace as harmony for the common good.

The State of Grace circles all squares without fear or favour,

the winning hand is to understand the game was to know each other to realise:

“To thine own self be true And it must follow, as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man (or woman).

It is the truth that sets all free to live in harmony as life  (Grace) intended.


Byron Katie: Freedom from Fear is Enlightenment

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”