Chinese Checkers, Russian Roulette or a State of Grace

I felt to write a poem about the Chinese/US standoff.  It is really an amazing process as I just allow the flow of nature to guide insight.  I never know what I will write until it is written and I see the truth in it.  Poetry is the song of the heart,… Continue reading

Dynamo Knows There is No Magic

His magic is not illusion, it is real.  This is not graphics, not cyber manipulation, it is human potential when not on the internet.  Life is for living your own life.

I’ve been up to Manchester.  I lived in Market Harborough, not too far away.  People are afraid of magic as… Continue reading

Are You a Child of Unconditional Love?

A poem I felt to write in this moment to remember what is real in this world of concepts.  For me, only love is real.  Everything else is distraction.  This song sings to me the sentiment that is moving me to write.  My poem follows to find words.  I love… Continue reading

Humanity’s Magnetic Fields of Fire


Humanity’s Magnetic Fields of Fire


There is a fire burning,

An intense ball,

A million earths burn within,

As it circles the heart

Of humanity.


A flaming ball of heat and light,

6000 degrees on the surface,

Magnetic fields generate the furnace,

For temperature is regulated,

Climate is changed,

For sun spots… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”