An Awakened Species

Neale Donald Walsh produced a book entitled ‘Conversations with God book 4, Awaken the Species.  Whether you are agree or disagree with him this is the 16 point list of an awakened species. This provides a great contrast to the way we see today.

We are still solving problems from the same consciousness. Therefore… Continue reading

Chinese Checkers, Russian Roulette or a State of Grace

I felt to write a poem about the Chinese/US standoff.  It is really an amazing process as I just allow the flow of nature to guide insight.  I never know what I will write until it is written and I see the truth in it.  Poetry is the song of the heart,… Continue reading

Humanity is on the Path to Awakening

Another wise teacher, similar to Jeshua.

Until forgiveness occurs peace is not possible. There are no road maps, negotiated settlements there is only the willingness to let go of hurt or beliefs that no longer serve you. We are ONE. What you send out returns to the self.

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Surveil Yourself to Release Your Pain

The negative in our world is arising from the pain we have held.  I recall a wise statement ‘the love you withhold is the pain you carry’.  As clowns we would hug and love everyone not withholding love at all.  I sit in a library writing these words and I have to… Continue reading

Byron Katie: It is Never the Other Person – Wow

Byron Katie is an awakening. Is that true?  No.  We are the awakening that is Byron Katie.  It is the end of negativity.

I yelled at my mother the other day as I felt her judge me.  Yet in truth I judged myself then projected.  What I loved about my… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”