The Hero and the Villian Are Only Masks – Not Real!

Jim Carey, is profound.  I am deeply resonating with this person who realises he doesn’t exist.  This is truth but may appear crazy to those who are not awake to reality.

Life is a playground to make something good out of.  That is my purpose.

Palestinian/Israeli Journal of Peace Poetry Expresses Feelings to Evoke Dialogue

Inspired by love.  Feeling is remote sensing.  This is the curriculum of life.


Vol. 7 Nos 1&2, 2000 / The Search for Regional Cooperation

The Dialogue of Poetry: Palestinian and Israeli Poets Writing Through Conflict and Peace
The importance of communication through poetry to the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.… Continue reading

A Thousand Name for Joy is the True Meaning of Loves Awakening

Byron Katie was a gift who came to me when I was in a really difficult situation.  I desperately searched for transformative peace and she showed  up.  I knew intuitively she was who I was seeking. I had asked for a christ like character who was alive. I have no doubt that… Continue reading

Jane Elliott Made A Difference in Raising Awareness about Racism

Her work is critical as we only learn from experience.  The issue of discrimination is still prevalent in our world.  The only way this stops is when awareness is raised to how it feels.  It is through empathy that we can see our shared humanity.  When we feel no empathy then… Continue reading

Is Australia Sleepwalking into Crisis?

An interesting quote from the article below:

After the stock market collapse earlier this month, former federal government economics adviser John Adams, said we were staring at a coming “apocalypse”.    Debt and record low interest rates, he warned makes us vulnerable and Australians “should be concerned about what lies ahead”.

It appears the… Continue reading

Peace is the End of the Ego

To create suffering without recognising what it is doing is unconsciousness.  The ego will do exactly what it condemns others for.

THE PATHOLOGICAL EGO In a wider sense of the word, the ego itself is pathological, no matter what form it takes. When we look at the ancient Greek root… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”