Chinese Checkers, Russian Roulette or a State of Grace

I felt to write a poem about the Chinese/US standoff.  It is really an amazing process as I just allow the flow of nature to guide insight.  I never know what I will write until it is written and I see the truth in it.  Poetry is the song of the heart,… Continue reading

Isis Dissolving to Rebalance the Moon and the Sun

I am seeing metaphor with the dissolving of Isis as the equinox rebalances opposing energies. Perhaps the darkness is clearing.  From a Western culture perspective it is hard to step into the heart and mind of ancient Egyptians as we seek to interpret.  In the picture the moon is a crescent, maybe this… Continue reading

What is the Addiction to Negative Thinking?

The internal narrative that projects as negativity about people.  Negativity is the energy that drives all conflict and abuse.  Until we become aware of the negativity driving us it controls us.

A grievance looking for a cause is the underlying motivation for fighting.  The cause may be used.

Eckhart Tolle was depressed… Continue reading

Is Less Profit a Loss? Is there More in Prophets?

I am going to just flow with some thoughts.  I am going to move through psychological mindsets.  This is not that polished but I just flowed.

When I contemplate those in fear of losing profits, I understand their fear as I have felt a deficit when on no income.  I can’t buy… Continue reading

The Proximal Abandonment of Emotional Absence

This is the basis for a dysfunctional society and unmet needs which can turn into drug abuse, violence and deep dissatisfaction. This is the basis for lack of well being.

Emotional availability is the core issue with the meeting of children’s needs. Deficits are the basis for many different forms of dysfunction as children grow… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”