The Proximal Abandonment of Emotional Absence

This is the basis for a dysfunctional society and unmet needs which can turn into drug abuse, violence and deep dissatisfaction. This is the basis for lack of well being.

Emotional availability is the core issue with the meeting of children’s needs. Deficits are the basis for many different forms of dysfunction as children grow… Continue reading

Social Anxiety and Emotional Suppression: Research Study


Social anxiety and emotional suppression: The mediating role of beliefs

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There is mounting evidence to suggest that social anxiety is associated with the suppression of emotional… Continue reading

Moving Away from Shaming, Blaming and Punishing Children

When we change our understanding of a child’s behaviour and meet it with presence and understanding, amazing things will happen.  I really admire the way this mother expresses an experience with her daughter.

I observe how parents treat children, they can so easily project onto them.  I feel for parents as well, as… Continue reading

Can Crying Reduce Aggression?

It would be so interesting to do a study on people who cry regularly and to look at levels of aggression and gentleness. My guess is that those who cry more are more gentle, those that suppress are more aggressive.  I am getting a strong feeling about this tonight.  


Women’s tears… Continue reading

Emotional Disconnection and Aggression of Children

Fascinating.  Do we feel safe to show feelings and feel connected.  What does disconnection do?  Know the child and you will know the man!

Helping Children with Aggression


Helping Children with Aggression

Is Crying Weak or a Strength?

I had a major insight today when a friend told me she couldn’t cry.  I had noted similarities with my mum, who felt crying was weak. My mum is suffering mental health issues today and she is realising she had to deal with things.  The major insight I had is that when people… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”