Kashmir: Inequality and Discriminaton is why an 8 year old was Raped

This was sent to me by a friend Assabah Kahn, Rotary Peace fellow whom I studied with in Bangkok.  She is a journalist dealing with the horrors of Kashmir suppressed by India in an occupation without end it seems.  She has seen the deaths for herself, she has seen the brutality of oppression,… Continue reading

Why Did Britain Train the Burmese Military? Friend, Foe or Fool?

I am feeling moved to research Burma.  I have been to the border myself as a Rotary Peace Scholar meeting with the Association for Political Prisoners in Burma (refer This could do a lot to heal relations between Islam and the rest of the world.  There are some who have made… Continue reading

Bowling for Florida to Ban Guns and Question Violence!!

Bowling for Florida to Ban Guns and Question Violence!!

Published Wednesday, 21st February, 2018 | By Susan AKA Peacefull | Edit

When I studied Peace Studies at La Trobe University, I recall Dr. Tom Weber speaking about guns.  We discussed if the gun is the problem? Is it an object? Is it us that… Continue reading

Is Australian Defence About Security or Sales? Is it Ethical?

It is the responsibility of every citizen to ensure taxes are being used on behalf of the people and in the interests of people. Democracy is about responsible government.  I recall when I was travelling Australia, I stopped at Woomera.  I recall going to the Museum and noting there was no discussion on… Continue reading

Is the Nobel Peace Prize Honouring Nobel’s Wishes?

“Nobel wanted to liberate humanity from the extremely dangerous and counterproductive military security policy we are trapped in…”

For myself the ‘security’ policy is the core issue.  Inherent within this is the idea of an enemy.  It can be found in the military, in leadership, in authority across a range of roles.

I… Continue reading

Single Shooters Training as Gaming in Violent Video Games?

I was undertaking research into arms traffickers given a documentary I found by chance. I felt intuitively a connection with the US shooting and military weapons. I felt intuitively for the arms industry and profit making out of violence which encourages its existence. Then by chance I find a violent video game and… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”