Bowling Alone and Bowling for Columbine

More Americans bowl then vote.  Robert Putnam wrote the book Bowling Alone in 2000.  Refer I have noticed that this is definitely the case even in my own family.  It has nothing to do with women working as women are also experiencing being alone.  I am alone most days,… Continue reading

Bowling for Florida to Ban Guns and Question Violence!!

Bowling for Florida to Ban Guns and Question Violence!!

Published Wednesday, 21st February, 2018 | By Susan AKA Peacefull | Edit

When I studied Peace Studies at La Trobe University, I recall Dr. Tom Weber speaking about guns.  We discussed if the gun is the problem? Is it an object? Is it us that… Continue reading

Eve is a New Era




This is a poem dedicated to all men,

For you are trail blazing,

A bush fire that is unstoppable,

That is on the war path,

That has forgotten the steam bath,

Is for contemplation.


The patriarch is the monarch,

The matriarch is the patron,

Who presides over… Continue reading

Welcoming Refugees (difference) to Australia and Beyond

What I have learned travelling the world is that ordinary citizens do not share the fear of leaders and the media, they are normally helpful to strangers or those they don’t know.  Many times I have learned and shared with others helping refugees.  I know of people teaching refugee or those from overseas… Continue reading

Who Do Governments Represent?

This is an interesting case of David and Goliath. I wonder if this issue would happen at all with free energy available to all. I think of Nikola Tesla here.   Here in Australia we have seen government as agents for business in the bid to expand economic growth but how does that affect… Continue reading

Obama Dreams of a Peace Built on Freedom and Dignity

I just listened to President Obama’s acceptance speech and could feel the power of love and unity permeating his words. I recall some cynical media commentary saying ‘where is the hope?’ you only had to listen to his words to feel his optimism and calling as President. These are the times for real leaders to… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”