Max Born Albert Einstein Letters of Friendship

Max Born is Olivia Newton John’s grandfather.  How wonderful for her.

This link is to an article about their friendship.  Refer  Here is a quote below:

In spite of their scientific differences 
Born and Einstein sustained a rare and 
close friendship for more than forty years, 
until Einstein's death in 1955… Continue reading 

Welcoming Refugees (difference) to Australia and Beyond

What I have learned travelling the world is that ordinary citizens do not share the fear of leaders and the media, they are normally helpful to strangers or those they don’t know.  Many times I have learned and shared with others helping refugees.  I know of people teaching refugee or those from overseas… Continue reading

How to Resolve the Middle East Conflict

I don’t have a television so I wasn’t aware of the latest killings in the Middle East.  I would like to send my love to those families who are suffering due to their loss.  I found myself observing more activity around the conflict on Facebook.  I found myself being drawn to look… Continue reading

One World: There Are No Strangers Only Potential Friends

It is interesting to live in a society that is kept so busy, that we see our own interests above that of others. I meet many who have good intentions but don’t live it. It is in the living of these higher intentions that greatness can manifest and those voices who can show another way,… Continue reading

Whitney Houston ‘I Will Always Love You’ Love is Who You Are

Imagine the love in this remarkable song ‘I will always love you’ was projected out into the world to every person. Imagine if we could feel this for everyone we meet. To live in a perfect state of grace. Perhaps our training ground is in our romantic relationships, but imagine when the sexual energy subsides… Continue reading

Patch Adams: Ending Violence, Child Slavery and Equality

This is a wonderful film of Patch connecting with the Peruvian people. His organisation gesundheit institute supports the Belen Project in Peru.

Patch didn’t say that Laughter is the Best Medicine he felt Friendship was clearly the best medicine, it is the most important thing in life, relationships with those we love. He doesn’t think… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”