Patch Adams SPEAKS UP about Power as God Why not Love?

Patch woke up after depression and suicidal feelings to realise the importance of life was about living to your full expression. He decided to be a clown every day.  In this clip he speaks of war, men and power and mothers and the miracle of kindness.  He sees men as the problem not… Continue reading

Why Are We Losing Our Humanity?

I had major insights overnight.  The mind is amazing the way it just works on problems.  I often find in the morning I see more.

What has come into view very clearly is technology and the fact it dehumanises us.  I’ll start this blog with an insight into myself as that is… Continue reading

It is a Long Road “I Have Faith” Thanks to Patch Adams

This is for Patch Adams, he seems to have come into my heart tonight.  So I send this beautiful message to all those who have had a difficult time and felt unheard when they had such good intentions.  Stay strong. I am with you.

To be a clown has been the most beautiful… Continue reading

Patch Adams Clowning in Afghanistan

This video I saw some years ago.  I really loved the bravey of Patch and clowns going to Kabul in Afghanistan.  He is a medical doctor and his visit to hospitals would have been very helpful to the Afghan people.  I loved the brave female clowns going there as well.  They… Continue reading

The Sacred Clown Fools Itself


The Path of the Sacred Clown: Where Trickster and Shaman Converge GARY Z MCGEE MARCH 12, 2014


“If the fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise.” –William Blake

Most of us are familiar with the prototypical clowns: red-nosed clowns, court jesters, and Tarot fools. But sacred clowns take clowning… Continue reading

Clowning Around in Syria


Clowning Around: Syrian Kids Begin to Heal Through Laughter


Chilean clown Claudio, right, and American clown David Clay, left, members of “Clowns Without Borders,” perform for children at a Syrian refugee camp in the eastern town of Chtoura, in Bekaa valley, Lebanon on  June 6, 2014. Bilal Hussein / AP… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”