Why Are We Losing Our Humanity?

I had major insights overnight.  The mind is amazing the way it just works on problems.  I often find in the morning I see more.

What has come into view very clearly is technology and the fact it dehumanises us.  I’ll start this blog with an insight into myself as that is where my experience is in 3D.

In Bangkok, Thailand when I was on the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies program, one of our teachers was a counter terrorism intelligence officer.  I was thinking to make a documentary so I was filming him as he spoke.  He was talking about a sensitive dispute in Southern Thailand.  Behind the camera I was not able to pick up his discomfort.  Apparently, he was getting uncomfortable being filmed as he felt vulnerable speaking about this issue.  I didn’t realise this at the time as the technology I later realised, disconnected me from him.  This came to me this morning.  People in the room picked up his distress but I didn’t.  I am a sensitive person and very tuned in but not in this moment.  It sat at the back of my mind for years but today I am clear it is the technology that disconnects us from each other.  What would have been good would be to resolve this matter then the two of us could have gained insights into technology and its distortion.  He didn’t communicate.   I recall challenging him about ‘who is the enemy’ at the time.  I peppered some questions his way, not intending to upset him, but these were the thoughts going through my mind as I was focused on problem solving.  Dynamics occurred in this situation as I am Australian, a woman and he was Thai, a man. so gender would have been there, respect would have been a factor and underlying cross cultural issues.  This fed into tension unconsciously.  I recall him not sitting down and talking to me about what I said but instead trying to identify me rather than understand me.  Later, I feel quite sure he contacted the US Army and they turned up on my website 12 times.  That is how I knew there was a Thai/US relationship.

From a conflict resolution point of view, the way forward would have been to discuss his discomfort.  I could have told him why I asked the questions I did.  One in particular ‘is the public the enemy’.  I have been contemplating this question a lot lately. However, he is trained to see enemies.  I am trained to resolve problems.  This is another culture unquestioned.  Yet had he taken the step of getting to know me he would have realised his fears in respect of filming (going public) never happened.  Had he told me I would have respected his feelings. His fear of being questioned is another area to be looked at.  Why was he fearful.  I could have that wrong.  Perhaps he was embarrassed as the way I asked the questions may have been experienced as threatening.  I was not a threat but wanted to know.   I’ve just walked through this conflict realising the importance of learning conflict resolution.  We live in a world of constant misunderstanding and poor communication.  Innocence becomes the enemy.  This is the problem I see.

So the title of this blog is ‘Why are we losing our humanity’?  We are trained to see in a certain way, this filter is impacted by culture, gender, position, context, fears, personality and world views to name a few.  Moreover, in the case of the camera, the technology dehumanised what I saw and felt.  I realise today the technology actually gets in between our natural ability to sense and feel the ‘other’.

This has real implications for the increasingly technological world we are living in.  I see the people plugged in and tuned out.  I can feel they are losing awareness of the importance of acknowledging their community.  I grew up in a world where you always say ‘hello’.  I still do today when I pass people.  I notice people are looking down as if you don’t exist.  I keep thinking what if a crime happens there will be no witnesses as they can’t hear or see.  This is a very empty world they live in filled with electronics but no real human interaction. This impacts how they see the world.

There will be some who want this type of world to arise. They will say ‘great they are controllable’.  We can just send the information we want them to think through the internet, the iPhones, the SMART TV, media, to control what they think so we feel in control.

The issue of control is the real issue.  I was contemplating this the other day as I don’t have any desire to control anyone.  I prefer people to make up their own minds.  My life as a market analyst taught me to listen and learn from my society and I could see the wisdom.  I didn’t know better, just different.  However, those who spend their lives in front of computers believe this is the real world.  They believe their thoughts.  They believe their fears.  In fact they themselves are the subject of mind control given it is unquestioned.  I knew experience in life was the best teacher for me.  I knew I had to find out myself and validate my beliefs through my own experience not just what people say.  I knew questions were important as they opened up inquiries into subjects exploring possibilities which is where human potential is waiting to be discovered.

So control, is about feeling out of control.  I have known those who need to control. I’ve observed them closely.  For a long time I didn’t realise they were so fearful and vulnerable as they put on a bravado.  Some were competitive, others put you down (power over), others did it subtly through silence, others demanded things be done their way or they make your life difficult.  So I watched as I couldn’t understand why they needed to control and why they made other’s lives so painful.  I couldn’t understand why they didn’t want peace.  This was a deep question for me as a child.  I watched and questioned and I deeply learned from many teachers in my life as I was wanting to solve the problem of control as it made people unhappy.  As a child I wanted people to be happy.  Which child doesn’t?

I didn’t have words for what I was watching but I found myself seeking to understand the behaviours.  When I studied peace, conflict resolution (mediation), alternatives to violence and life answers started to come to me.

I saw the insecurity in the one desiring power.  I saw perfectionism in their desire to have things a certain way.  I saw that they were angry and this shutdown empathy for the other they were angry at.  I saw them justify their anger by making the other wrong (demonisation).  I saw they were not able to sit with the other and find middle ground.  It was their way or the highway.  No compromise. No apology.  Just controlling another’s life.  I saw that if they didn’t get their way they made the other suffer through aggression, complaint, put down, yelling and a form of dehumanising them as an object.  Today I am seeing this more clearly. The objectivization is seeing the person (projected image) but not feeling the person (empathy).  There is no ability to stand in the other’s shoes and imagine how they feel.  They just looked at the world out of their viewpoint and that was their truth or their god.  No backward glance as to the fact they could be wrong.  They may feel guilt later and try to buy the other things or seek to somehow make themselves feel better by doing something nice.  This is the pattern of abuse of course. They are not self aware or self reflective and the problem repeats until the person is enlightened to themselves (without defence more in alignment with awareness – ah ha!).

I am feeling to work along this line before I return to technology.  As I am feeling right now there is a connection…

So dehumanising through control is the line of thought I am feeling to explore. So how do we do this? We make others wrong and their rights to be heard to live in a different way are negated.  So this is at the microcosm.   The one dominating wants the world to turn up their way.  They have a blindspot to the other.  I have noted that if the other doesn’t stand up or speak up then the one abusing or disconnected doesn’t learn a parameter.  A line is not drawn in the sand, in early childhood education we might call this a boundary which says – no – If the other doesn’t do this because they are fearful of the dominant one, then the dominant one doesn’t know where there line is.  They will keep pushing and pushing to have what they want as this is how they become out of control. For they are seeking structures to be certain and feeling power over their environment rather than power within themselves that is solid in the midst of external change. I am working on this homeless and no income.

I can flip to the big picture now and say when there are no checks and balances in positions of power the same game plays out. They desensitise to the needs of others.  When democracy is just a catch cry with no substance masking dominance in many guises, then the other won’t speak up. I know in the case of authority people are too afraid. I witnessed this the other day at a conference when a young woman said something to a Premier of a State. I can’t recall what she said now but the Premier stripped her down verbally.  She actually attacked her.  It was surprising.  The woman later confided that she felt afraid of her (power) and vulnerable.  In our society people are terrified to speak up as they are afraid of police and jails.  This has been drilled into us as children part of the control paradigm.  Control is used on children all the time, they are constantly controlled rather than guided.  So control is deeply embedded and I would say normalised.

Behaviour change is another interesting one.  I have reflected on this as in the unemployment area I have seen frameworks of compliance with punintive punishments if you don’t comply.  It is the basic carrot and stick approach.  If you don’t do as you are told it hurts, if you do it is good (conform). It is a form of operant conditioning use to control behaviour.  Yet what if this game is built on a lie that is not about jobs but about a free pool of labour? What if it is sold in the guise of this is for you but in truth it is not?  When you speak up to say this doesn’t work for me you are ignored.  This is where power and control become visible.  I have come to see that it is in the silence that I learn far more.  I can see from what is withheld that these are defences.  Perhaps Defence has come from this.  Byron Katie would say ‘defence is the first act of war’.  What if we didn’t defend our sacred beliefs and chose to be open to life in its myriad forms?  I wonder.

So the paradigm of control.  It is a paradigm as it is a way of life that has been constructed from the very foundation of directed society.  It is not imbued with the mystical feeling of guidance, life unfolding and trust, but is in truth the ‘godless’ world. I use this word godless not because I hang any hats on it but because I read it recently in a description of capitalism vs communism and the justification for supporting those deemed Christians and property rather than the godless world of communism and social organisation. The godless essence in what I wrote is really to do with the absence of a felt connection to a higher power that is not religion (another form of control or blind faith). It is constructing control upon the scaffolding of structures without a sense of fate or life pattern.  It has to be erected in such a way that the shape of control is visible in right versus wrong rather than diversity showing up. It is a black and white world and that is why chessboards are analogous.  I have to smile as I was re-reading I felt the US comedy Maxwell Smart – Chaos and Control.  That came to me before in one of my videos.  Control fears chaos or what we term in risk management – disruption.  I personally live a life out of control as I have no idea what comes next, I have no idea if I have a home and I live on very little money.  So uncertainty has become my normal.  Whereas for a person into control they couldn’t handle living the life I live.  However, I live this way as I am recalibrating back to my true nature that pre-dates control. The indigenous lived this to a far greater extent although I sense they had more certainty given they knew how to live off the land, they followed the seasons, they had tribal lore and customs passed down orally.  This comes up in this discussion as the reason we are living in a world of control is that we lost our connection to nature and how to survive.  We are all dependent. So when I hear terms of you are dependent on social security or you are entitled, today I smile.  Everyone is dependent on their work, their relationships, their friends, family to feel a sense of security.  They work for security as shortage has been part of the control paradigm to make people compliant which is not their nature, it is a programmed reality. What would be more accurate is cooperation which is natural when you feel part of a group/tribe/organisation etc. We naturally cooperate to get along as we are a group species, control is about doing as I say it is forced compliance not willing cooperation.  Although through patterns of work and lines of authority it could feel like cooperation as you don’t believe you have a say. So you rest in no power and being paid to ‘do’ not ‘be’.  This is how it plays out for everyone no matter their status.   We go on holidays to have a break, yet what if your whole life was a holiday with breaks of work happening.  My work and life tend to intermingle.  I do work a lot I have to say as it is my life.  Does it feel like work, in a way yes, as I see it as my life purpose, so there is no resistance  with the belief: ‘I have to go to work’.  Instead it is ‘I feel to write something’ and off I go in this flow which is this moment now.

I am sharing my life with you for no financial gain.  Why do I do this?  I value you. I value me.  I give what I am learning to you as you are me.  What does this mean? I see myself in you even though I cannot see you, I know you are part of me.  So why would I withhold?  If I withhold I am withholding from myself, that is transparency or visibility.  It is a oneness consciousness that aligns with nature in that I share the real wealth which is awareness or what I call the Fool’s Gold, nuggets are insights. How you interpret what is written in words is different to how you would interpret if I was sitting in front of you. The narrative would be different as the channel is different from writing to spoken word. But still even these modalities are not truth, as truth is unspoken.  I can only gab at words that feel natural but are actually programmed into me by education to enable communicate in a shared language to be understood.  Words also are control as I reach to interpret feelings and seek to translate into words which can never fully express what I mean.

So why are we losing our humanity?

It is about control. The technology I started with actually blocks empathy.  It is an empathy blocker. That is how we can surveil and feel nothing for the other party.  That is how in military sphere’s we can drop bombs, we can use drones (like video games), we can sit in tanks and not feel the other who is experiencing terror and pain as they die in response to attack.  We don’t feel them unless they are in front of us as vulnerable humans, screaming for help, they may evoke a feeling – this could be my mother, my sister, my brother, my father.  This person is not the evil other they are just a person who is in terrible pain or fear.  That may be the felt reality in the moment.

This is why when people hurt each other it may take years for the one who caused the harm to feel it as they may suppress their part or compartmentalise (box it off).  If they used technology then they were dehumanised and this projected out into the world, we tend to mirror.  I also noted in my insight that we adapt to technology and become like it as it becomes our environment. This mirrors impersonal, no empathy, technical, mechanical, structural, descriptive language (not poetry) that is task oriented rather than ‘getting to know’ the other.

Language can be used to dehumanise as we objectify the ‘other’ to make them less human and violence or indifference can be justified.  Language can use labels, can demonise via terms inferring unreformable, ignoring the emotional cry and so on. The words/thoughts we hold onto are a mind game used to distance ourselves from feeling as what is really avoided is guilt or the reality of the situation.  This is called denial. Denial is a form of self soothing where we victim blame or find reasons why the other is the problem as we refuse to look at ourselves as this doesn’t feel good or makes us vulnerable.  It feels better to make another wrong.  Fear is what leads this type of attitude.  There would be many in jails who were innocent. Byron Katie would say ‘all’ are.

So I see a future where we are using AI and calling it advanced, yet it is another wall placed between humans albeit labour saving benefits but automation nonetheless, distancing human to human contact and responsibility.  The smart cities concept that emerged out of the Clinton era is another mechanism to control through information technology, to identify, to control and to ensure the one controlling has his or her needs met ‘smoothly’.  They are emotionally detached in the same mind set as the bully (desensitised) unable to feel the pain of the other.  They expect conformity and structure technology where you are rewarded access when ticking the box and denied access when not agreeing with terms and conditions. Simple conditioning to say yes to access regardless of whether you actually agree or not. So your agreement is compliance not your free will given choices to say no and still gain access.

I recall when I was at Tuol Sleng Prison in Cambodia.  I was taken through the so-called torture museum.  I saw the beds that were the original beds they tortured the perceived traitors of Pol Pot on.  They were Khmer Rouge traitors in the eyes of the mind control regime set up by Pol Pot.  We saw the photos of their faces. We were shown all the torture techniques. You can only imagine the mind set of the person torturing. He would have to blindly believe he is punishing the wicked, traitors and in his mind turn them into an evil other, as that is the energy running him that he believes is righteous and justified. He must switch off his humanity in order to harm another.  Interesting. He has to believe he is right to commit the crime. He has to be obedient to authority to not question or feel guilt as a human as others created a story. It is psychological control where A gets B to do what A wants. If he doesn’t do it, it could be him being tortured, so great fear causes compliance and no questioning of authority. This is what totalitarianism looks and feels like.

Anyway, in truth he was torturing innocent mum’s, dad’s, children, grandparents and calling them deserving of this as they deserved punishment and death.  I recall sitting outside this former high school and noticing a sign saying the rules of this prison.  One rule was that they were not allowed to cry or scream out. This was to make the torturer’s job smoother.  He was disrupted by screams of agony so they forced them to suffer in silence to make them feel better.  This is what distortion looks like which is amenable when emotions are disconnected.  Those run by abuse will shutdown those who speak up or cry out as they don’t want to hear it, it rattles the cage so to speak. They are run by what they believe they have to do.  They consider counter calls as disruptive, distracting, rebellious, no right and so on.  Such is the mind set of the psychopath.  I say this not in a disparaging way, but in a way that describes a mindset trained out of feeling, with no feeling whatsoever as they have used techniques to block humanity from being felt.  This would happen in abattoirs where those killing the cattle would see them as widgets not feeling animals who are scared as they know they are going to die.  They would see them as meat, product to be packaged (not looking like a cow) to be sent to supermarkets so people just see meat.  Such is the power of our psychology.

See the feelings are natures way to ensure we connect with each other and nature. You have to train people against their nature in order to harm others.  It is not the nature of humans to hurt each other, we are wired to love each other as this is sustainable for the human race. This is why people end up with PTSD, mental health issues when they have been disconnected from ‘love’.  I use this word as my feeling reveals to me that true health is in being held close, loved dearly and looked after as the real security we all seek. However, the tree has been disconnected from the root and this is why the pain and suffering is evident in our belief in disconnection. People are crying out for love in truth as this is their nature.  It has been distorted to such an extent by those who themselves are disconnected and believing they know the way for humanity.  The blind leading the blind comes to mind.

I’d like to add in here it is the belief in disconnection that causes pain not the behaviour.  When I have felt pain it has always been when I believed I was powerless. The connection is never really lost in a spiritual sense, it is always showing up in reality. The belief in disconnection is the core issue.

This is why technology is not some new revolution, some next step 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc. believing humans just need downloads or uploads mirroring computer programs.  They don’t.  They need to feel love.   Love is ever present but people experience a sense of disconnection when they suppress, deny, reject, hate and become mind identified. What they think they believe.

That is why the clowning for me was such as wonderful experience as I had the privilege of meeting people in the space of love without filters.  I felt completely in love with everyone.  It was so beautiful. There was no-one unacceptable to me.  I saw the peace as love and truth as clarity.  Distortions that seek to place another filter distort the light prism which is a clear feeling or what some may call purity.  The highest feeling of course is unfiltered.  This is the real navigation for humanity.  It is to become still to reconnect that feels good.  It is to be vulnerable not protected.  It is to live spontaneously not in control, it is to allow life to flow not stem the flow.  The word STEM just came to me strongly.  This is it embedded into the Australian Curriulum https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/resources/stem  This thought form has been strongly placed in the minds of people to further technology where those in this industry make a lot of money. They believe in Science, Technologies, Mathematics’ as the future. This is a masculine perspective that is distracting us from the knowledge of ourselves as it mirrors men’s disconnection from feeling as they are taught to be men, not to feel.  Women see the world in terms of compassion, relationships and empathy.  It is literally another world view that will be deemed on an unconscious level as the ‘enemy’ however if you continue fighting another war with women and men the human race will not continue, as we are here for each other.   Women may use technology but we are relationship based as this is natural to us to nurture.  It is natural for men but they have had it programmed out of them as the stereotype believes anything soft and nurturing is somehow weak.  When it is the strength of humanity.  Funnily enough in war heroes they are not the one’s with the most ‘kills’ they are the one’s that save life, typically each other’s as love is felt in mates and comrades in arms.  So it is wired into men too but less evolved forces have sought to debunk this beautiful side of a man’s nature.  I saw male clowns, Patch Adams was one.  He was beautiful, sensitive, kind and a leader.  I saw him leading by example not force, I saw him standing for love not fear, I saw him notice the most vulnerable children and embrace them, play gently with them –  I never saw him control anyone. Robin Williams was the same.  A gentle, kind, sensitive male that in my view is very appealing to women.  Both were funny men. Imagine if that violence, insecure energy of men who are controlling was channelled into an area that was positive, fun, engaging and exciting where that feeling of community surrounds.

Imagine that.  It is a world worth living for.  Perhaps we love until it stops hurting.

What do you feel?  Perhaps that is your answer not your thought!

I feel our confusion and disconnection from the reality of who we really are.


Note:  I just found this poem on my blog, someone had just looked at it, it is perfect for this blog.  https://wpas.worldpeacefull.com/2011/04/the-chaos-of-theory/

This post just came up as well, I watched this film last night.  It reveals what control as secrecy does and how this impacts the public. In fact perhaps the seed of this blog came from this film and the one on corruption I watched after which was about those profiting from exploiting others with no feeling for their impact or rights to be informed.   https://wpas.worldpeacefull.com/2018/07/dr-steven-greer-reveals-what-is-unacknowledged/

One more I have to add in as this pertains to the victim side of being hurt.  So each needs to look at their fear as it is not a one way street. This is Byron Katie.

Can Anyone Hurt You?

In the real world there are no mistakes.  All is ONE.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”