Michael Jackson, Pedophilia, Objectification and Power

This  article below speaks of the revelations about Michael Jackson molesting young boys at his Neverland ranch, particularly the testimony of Australian Wade Robson who had previously testified he hadn’t been molested.  The truth has come out it is clear that Wade wasn’t able to speak the truth when Michael was alive, as… Continue reading

Child Abuse is not Love but Power

Are we powerless?  Are we voiceless?  What can the public do about child abuse?  What is the reason why people abuse children?  How do we reconnect community to protect children?

This is a poem I wrote.  I send out the call to end all child abuse and to make those… Continue reading

James Shanahan EXPOSES ABUSE re: Cardinal Pell

This website appears comprehensive, it is a place to start to investigate child abuse, secret societies and to break the power of the RING.  An Interview about George Pell is below.  I cannot verify the information but it is another voice and it appears clear those who are victims of this crime are… Continue reading

Why Do Men Become Paedophiles?

This was heartening to learn that the world’s largest paedophile ring was uncovered.  I consider this more important than the so-called terrorism, the real terrorism is about rape and paedophilia inclusive of ritual abuse and murder.  This is a sickness that has to be understood.  Why would anyone want to have sex… Continue reading

United Nations former Staffer Speaks about Child Rape by Peacekeepers

The word ‘peacekeeper’ is significant to me given my feeling for real peace.  Sexual crime can only occur when people are not at peace, when there is psychological disconnection from the person abused, it is about power.  Of course the suppression and distortion of sexuality promulgated through religion has been a major driver.… Continue reading

BBC documentary on Smartphones and the Dark Side

I was using a smartphone last night and I could feel the radiation affect the righthand side of my front temporal lobe.  I know it is unhealthy.  I wonder about brain tumours.

This BBC documentary was very interesting as it investigates the addiction to smartphones.  You only need watch people fixated on… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”