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Universities and Lawyers Setting Up Abuse Victims in Australia

A notable quote from below:

“…Fellow student and established psychologist Luciana Cruz and I fought Bond University for a year.  We submitted complaints to every relevant organisation including the Australian Human Rights Commission.  The AHRC upheld my complaint of disability discrimination and harassment and sexual harassment throughout their entire process.  But the… Continue reading

GetUp! for ‘No Business in Abuse’ Campaign

This video overviews how multinational operate in building support for their objectives in respect of refugee detention.  I noted the ‘ethical’ aspect to disarm critique or inquiries into activities.

GetUp! is an activist organisation in Australia who are getting up and speaking up about the abuses that are going on at the public’s expense.… Continue reading

Assange Detained Arbitrarily for 8 years for Publishing Evidence of War Crimes and Human Rights Violations

Everyone has the right to a fair hearing.  From my perspective Julian Assange took steps to make visible what was happening behind closed doors.  Snowden did the same.  From my perspective as a citizen, whilst I didn’t feel the need to go through all that was released, I realised that citizens were… Continue reading

Is Australia a “Police State” Curtailing media freedom, criminalise dissent and erode democratic safeguards

The changes that are going on are really concerning.  I was discussing with a friend the fact that Australia was one of the most progressive countries in the world under the Whitlam era.  We had free education, health care, public transport and a welfare system that was a income support without obligations. … Continue reading

Bowling for Florida to Ban Guns and Question Violence!!

Bowling for Florida to Ban Guns and Question Violence!!

Published Wednesday, 21st February, 2018 | By Susan AKA Peacefull | Edit

When I studied Peace Studies at La Trobe University, I recall Dr. Tom Weber speaking about guns.  We discussed if the gun is the problem? Is it an object? Is it us that… Continue reading

Edward Snowden: A Global Conversation on the Balance between Civil Liberties and Mass Intelligence Gathering

I found this interview of Edward Snowden organised by the University of Chicago, USA interesting.  I observed how the interviewer interpreted what he was saying, what questions arose in the questioners mind, how Edward responded and modelled democratic discourse. He is both articulate and respectful in his demeanour and compelling in his ability to… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”