Does The Power of the Rothschild Dynasty go Beyond a Banking Empire?

I cannot validate the truth of this information but if it is accurate it is in the public interest.  When small elite groups have disproportionate power it means they can influence politics, legislation, the money supply and fund what they think is in their interests.  However, when that money has come from the… Continue reading

Democracy Now: Koch Industries, the Nazi’s and Self Realisation


The key issue here is about right wing groups engaging in politics but without a political party, and in the case of the United States spending more than the Conservative party.  The Koch brothers back the right wing groups spending over $900 million in political donations currying unprecedented influence.

Democracy Now introduce the… Continue reading

Leighton Name Change, CIMIC, Ethics and Takeover Rings

Should companies be allowed to change their names to rebadge themselves when confronted with corruption allegation?

Interestingly, CIMIC was formed by an Englishman Leighton in Australia yet it is a Spanish governed multinational company. This is where it gets confusing.  Obvious questions arise in respect of name change as another form of deception.

I… Continue reading

GetUp! for ‘No Business in Abuse’ Campaign

This video overviews how multinational operate in building support for their objectives in respect of refugee detention.  I noted the ‘ethical’ aspect to disarm critique or inquiries into activities.

GetUp! is an activist organisation in Australia who are getting up and speaking up about the abuses that are going on at the public’s expense.… Continue reading

Is War a Racket?

I feel an urgency in my postings tonight.  I am attempting to Awaken the Fool who will listen and learn.

This outline is exactly the same issue today.  As nothing has changed.  An interesting quote by Major General Smedley Butler.

“…Another step necessary in this fight to smash the war racket is… Continue reading

Corporate Welfare in Australia

Robert Reich’s film inspired an investigation into corporate welfare and the inequality and resentment it creates.

I am not lost on the propaganda of the ‘welfare bludger’ and the demonisation of those who take welfare but are viewed as ‘needy’, ‘not self reliant’, or draining public money. It is easy to demonise the vulnerable when… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”