Does The Power of the Rothschild Dynasty go Beyond a Banking Empire?

I cannot validate the truth of this information but if it is accurate it is in the public interest.  When small elite groups have disproportionate power it means they can influence politics, legislation, the money supply and fund what they think is in their interests.  However, when that money has come from the… Continue reading

Commonwealth Bank Outage a Sign?

I’ve been reading about the history of Australia, in particular the first Prime Minister Andrew Fisher.  The Labor Party started the Commonwealth Bank.  I saw symbolism in this outage as when things are linked electronically people can be cut off.  I note someone couldn’t eat such is the umbilical chord of money… Continue reading

Bail-In Used to Seize Deposit in a Collapse

Is there profit in a collapse?  The rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper. Things are never as they seem. I feel greed as a mental illness with no feeling for how actions affect others.  We are shape changing our world from images and sound bytes in cyber realities that are not real at… Continue reading

Financial Industry Corruption

Is greed good?

Banking inquiry has already exposed shocking corruption – but it needs more time

Deregulation has helped parts of the financial industry to become captured by fraudsters

The big four banks
The banking royal… Continue reading

JP Morgan Chasing the Oxymoron of Sustainable Development

I hear the words ‘he who owns the gold rules the world’.  I hear Byron katie – ‘Is that true’?  It was Nicola Tesla who worked for JP Morgan and invented free energy. His ideas were shelved, apparently he died alone in a hotel room in New York.  I recall learning of… Continue reading

The Gold Man Seeks Sachs of Gold in Revolving Government Doors with no Closure

 Will we ever live in a democracy based on merit in positions and sharing power as a sense of community. Is it an impossible dream? Sometimes I despair as I see how corruption can distract from the most important issues of our time.

I just found out that Malcolm Turnbull was a Goldman Sachs… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”