Does The Power of the Rothschild Dynasty go Beyond a Banking Empire?

I cannot validate the truth of this information but if it is accurate it is in the public interest.  When small elite groups have disproportionate power it means they can influence politics, legislation, the money supply and fund what they think is in their interests.  However, when that money has come from the… Continue reading

Julian Assange Speaks About Clinton Foundation, Arms, ISIS

John Pilger is an experienced Australian journalist interviewing Julian Assange discussing emails, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, arms deals, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, corporations, government and networks of corruption. This was conducted prior to Donald Trump’s election.

  • FBI considered political police.
  • He states half the Obama cabinet nominated by representative by Citi Bank.
  • Connections to Saudi… Continue reading

Israel and Cyber Security

Israel is a world leader in Cyber technology. This is all about control and access to information.

Imagine if Israel’s creativity was to reimagine its relationship with its neighbours and the world. Is it wise to spy on others? Does that increase trust and healing from the wars and fears of the past.

The defence… Continue reading

Wall Streets Role in 2008 Financial Crisis

The greed, fraud, collusion, corruption, dishonesty and self interest of executives and staff coupled with weak regulators are the key drivers as to why the 2008 financial crisis occurred.  Note:  my bolding.

Heist of the century: Wall Street’s role in the financial crisis

Wall Street bankers could have averted the global financial… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”