Israel and Cyber Security

Israel is a world leader in Cyber technology. This is all about control and access to information.

Imagine if Israel’s creativity was to reimagine its relationship with its neighbours and the world. Is it wise to spy on others? Does that increase trust and healing from the wars and fears of the past.

The defence sector is central to this industry and they have created a Silicon Valley emulation.  It is a revolution of how war is waged. When do we learn peace?  Is this an impossible future?

They speak of vulnerability, mindsets (mind control) and is seen as the undermining of democracies.  It is stated the days of prosperity are over? I say is prosperity abundance?  Is vulnerability fear based (defence) or courage when allowing vulnerability to exposure yourself to yourself and others? This is what I do, I allow my vulnerability to be seen, why? I do not fear others seeing me as I am. I value authenticity.

Real vulnerability gives others permission to to embrace our humanity.

I see vulnerability based on two reflections – I see the mirror contrasting fear or love.

What happens when critical infrastructure is shutdown due to defence hackers?  What happens is the whole power grid goes down?  What if hospitals are shutdown?  What happens if countries are bullied into cooperation due to a cyber threat of a total shut down.  This is the world of full spectrum dominance.

Australia’s relationship with Israel in respect of cyber issues is in the following blog.  This trend is very disturbing and is in the public interest.

All the data is recorded, passwords, words, credit cards etc is transferred and sold to the dark net it is stating.  There are issues of all emails being available such as McCain’s emails during the 2016 election.

In my view Snowden’s views about not wanting our lives to be listened to, recorded revealing our beliefs, loves and relationships.

I am a peacemaker and I know the real security comes from empowerment not disempowerment or powerlessness.  The more people feel powerless the more insecurity arises and conflict.

The Israeli defence surveillance makes me think of the communist surveillance where you are watched.  So any view that you don’t agree with you regard as an enemy rather than embracing diversity and any conflicts are problems to be solved. It is a war mindset. As Eckhart Tolle states the war mind set is doomed to failure, I feel to convey this.  What goes around comes around, as they cyber hack they will be hacked as a universal law.


Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”