Cyber Attack on Peace is Our True Nature

Looks like my Facebook accounts are being accessed.  I assume this is a cyber attack.  The problem with the cyber reality is that someone can access your account and change information, upload, download and embed code.  This is what happens when you seek to enlighten the public interest.  I note it… Continue reading

Someone is Seeking to Reset Access to My Deactivated Facebook Accounts

Some weeks ago I deactivated my account on Facebook and do not use Facebook anymore.  I actually wanted it deleted but they only allow deactivation which I think is inappropriate as it retains contacts/friends/family information.  I chose to leave Facebook because I was being blocked from posting to friends in respect of: … Continue reading

BBC documentary on Smartphones and the Dark Side

I was using a smartphone last night and I could feel the radiation affect the righthand side of my front temporal lobe.  I know it is unhealthy.  I wonder about brain tumours.

This BBC documentary was very interesting as it investigates the addiction to smartphones.  You only need watch people fixated on… Continue reading

Australia/Israel Chamber of Commerce Cyber Security Briefing

The comment about cyber security involving human behaviour and psychology is concerning. The issue from a civil society perspective is that individuals don’t have access to cyber security they are the targets of it.  This is not a level playing field in my view and the breach of privacy, profiling, tracking and personalisation are… Continue reading

China Big Brother Big Data or Our Brother’s Keeper?

I just felt inspired to add to the title ‘or our brother’s keeper’.  This is the lesson to be learned by those who surveil.

What comes to me is the weakening of civil society where they have no say over governments. The same applies in the West where there is the perception of public… Continue reading

Cyber Security Oversight by Privacy Regulators

Every country should have a Privacy Regulator stipulating the rules, boundaries and limits of cyber security when it becomes intrusive and breaches privacy laws.  This includes investigating ‘so called’ ethical hacking, malware programs to invade privacy, tapping and tracking phones geographically and collecting data.  This would include profiling, personalisation and the types of… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”