The Panama Tax Cabal Paper Trials

The dis-ease of greed leads people into corruption.  It is a path that will not bring happiness.  This raises questions about who pays tax and who doesn’t.  I have contemplated the tax havens, the rorts, the subsidiary companies created to hide transactions, the shelf companies, the private meetings where money exchanges and… Continue reading

Destroying the Earth is Definitely a Crime

I am amazed that the governance of this earth just allows its destruction even with the full awareness that it undermines life on earth. this is the result of not caring about the results, allowing corruption to continue and enabling donations for politicians to influence decisions based on self interest not best interest.  The… Continue reading

New Zealand Attack, War Crimes, Terrorism and International Disorder

hobbesIt would be interesting to read this manifesto to gain insight into the right wing delusional belief system that evokes the desire to shoot innocent people in two Mosques. What is noteworthy is the playing of army music and his desire for notoriety.  It is noteworthy right wing white supremacists are viewed as extremists… Continue reading

Julian Assange Speaks About Clinton Foundation, Arms, ISIS

John Pilger is an experienced Australian journalist interviewing Julian Assange discussing emails, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, arms deals, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, corporations, government and networks of corruption. This was conducted prior to Donald Trump’s election.

  • FBI considered political police.
  • He states half the Obama cabinet nominated by representative by Citi Bank.
  • Connections to Saudi… Continue reading

21 year old Gazan nurse Razan al-Najjar shot dead at the Gaza-Israel border

Who is the enemy?  Is it those who differ?  Is it dissenters?  What is democracy?  What is international law?  What of the international criminal court? 
Who are we in relationship to this? 
Razan seems a lovely young nurse seeking to save lives. 
I contemplate… Continue reading

The Crime of the 21st Century or Futures of Freedom?

The Crime of the Century is a song by Supertramp.  It is the theme of our times.

I am aware of what has been considered.  My response to what is planned is to say that life is circular.  What you do to another returns to the self as life is not linear… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”