The Crime of the 21st Century or Futures of Freedom?

The Crime of the Century is a song by Supertramp.  It is the theme of our times.

I am aware of what has been considered.  My response to what is planned is to say that life is circular.  What you do to another returns to the self as life is not linear it is cyclical.  When we hurt another it is ourselves we hurt, this is a truism.

  • The environmental issues can not be resolved by reducing population surruptitiously.
  • Sustainability without harmonising with natural systems is marketing economics.
  • Warfare with a profit motive is an investment in misery which exacerbates unnecessary severe suffering. It is a crime against humanity.
  • Climate change is the signal of moving beyond natural tolerances where natural selection cannot readjust or replace. This produces diminishing returns to humanity.
  • Pollutants and chemicals in the environment returns to the ones spraying and to their families, friends and what is valued.  For we are in one system and you cannot affect one without affecting the other. 
  • Invasions of privacy reveal a lack of respect for rights and dignity, again this opens a portal for more to truths to surface as urgency is the clarion call.

Mainlining online systems to control, influence and profit destroys families, friends, communities and happiness as the cyber world distracts from the real life of learning, mistakes, adventure in the fresh air.  It rewires the neural networks of the brain as natural wiring built in resiliency, socialisation, empathy, values and community. Without this we become shallow and hollow and life changes from colour to black and white as a shadow of its former potential.

What you resist persists, what you look at disappears.  To face life squarely without a story is the beginning of the end of narrow band widths that have no future.

I send love to those living in those dark places who believe the world is their reflection.  It is not.  It is full of beauty, aliveness, creativity and kindness.  When you open your eyes to truth you will see it all around you.  We need your energy to join with your family to move us towards a future that is worthy of the children of this world.  To a future full of real hope, laughter, happiness, love and peace.  In this space will we see the greatness waiting to be expressed.

Enjoy.  This is dedicated to those engaging in the crimes of the century.  All will be revealed as day follows night.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”