Tax havens

Malcolm Turnbull, Panama Papers a Star in Technology Mining Gold!

I was drawn to look at this article, it may be dated but I am feeling it is related to the election, the ethics of leaders, their various business dealings and importantly connection to the Virgin Islands and Bahamas, well known tax havens.  What amazes me is the rhetoric, the awareness of the importance… Continue reading

The Panama Tax Cabal Paper Trials

The dis-ease of greed leads people into corruption.  It is a path that will not bring happiness.  This raises questions about who pays tax and who doesn’t.  I have contemplated the tax havens, the rorts, the subsidiary companies created to hide transactions, the shelf companies, the private meetings where money exchanges and… Continue reading

Stellar Record of Australian Government Tax Office, Foreign Contractors and Bankruptcy?

My question is why not contract to Australian companies?

Why can’t call centres be organised here in Australia?

This would assist in bringing down unemployment, keep the profit in the country and contribute to the tax base rather than the risk of overseas tax havens, hiding money and other companies diverting profits.

I am becoming… Continue reading

Tax Havens are the Corporate Heaven of Corruption without Conscience

This is hard to read as I contemplate homelessness out of principle. I just cannot align with anything I feel is dishonest or undermining of democracy.  

I find myself more and more aware of how the taxpayers are the ones left holding the baby.  This baby is an empty cup held out begging… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”