Money laundering

The Panama Tax Cabal Paper Trials

The dis-ease of greed leads people into corruption.  It is a path that will not bring happiness.  This raises questions about who pays tax and who doesn’t.  I have contemplated the tax havens, the rorts, the subsidiary companies created to hide transactions, the shelf companies, the private meetings where money exchanges and… Continue reading

Drug Lords Financing Burma’s Military Junta is Narco Miitarism

Ethics comes up again.  It is the number one issue in our world.  It is behind the world’s problems and it diverts resources away from where they are needed.  It is a wicked web that is woven.  Why does this happen? Disconnected humanity. The question is they don’t act alone, other… Continue reading

Money Laundering Dwarfed by Transfer Pricing of Multinational Companies.

I asked a colleague of mine with expertise in organised crime and money laundering to give me an idea of the current situation.

His comment: 

Now – money laundering – best start with Global Financial Integrity –  Follow their links to the Tax Justice Network and others.


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