New Zealand Attack, War Crimes, Terrorism and International Disorder

hobbesIt would be interesting to read this manifesto to gain insight into the right wing delusional belief system that evokes the desire to shoot innocent people in two Mosques. What is noteworthy is the playing of army music and his desire for notoriety.  It is noteworthy right wing white supremacists are viewed as extremists… Continue reading

Roger Stone and the Conservative Dark Art of Political Conspiracy in the United States

This is a dark web.  It is fascinating to look into the eyes of a political operator and learn of the story he must tell himself to justify the evoking of hatred and being hated.  This is an individual who takes pride in destroying opponents and is quick to state it is legal.… Continue reading

Leighton Name Change, CIMIC, Ethics and Takeover Rings

Should companies be allowed to change their names to rebadge themselves when confronted with corruption allegation?

Interestingly, CIMIC was formed by an Englishman Leighton in Australia yet it is a Spanish governed multinational company. This is where it gets confusing.  Obvious questions arise in respect of name change as another form of deception.

I… Continue reading

Kevin Shipp Former CIA Speaks about Criminality at the Highest Levels in the United States

Kevin Shipp encourages people to verify the information.  He speaks about high level corruption.  He speaks about who is violating the law.

  • The essence is about accountability and checks and balances in government and the justice system.
  • He speaks of lawfare which is where the law to attack opponents to file bogus frivolous… Continue reading

The CIA’s Infiltration of the Media to Control Public Opinion

The public knowledge of corruption is the real fear of government.  There are relationships between government and media that are not neutral nor in the public interest. Evidence pertaining to this should go before a neutral judge and media companies delisted.  It should carry a high penalty as it goes to the heart… Continue reading

Is the CIA an Intelligence Agency or a Covert Action Agency Destabilising Governments

I discovered this video which is an interview with an ex-CIA operative Ralph McGehee explaining the real purpose of the CIA.  He speaks of the message being sold through the press through disinformation. I reflected on the Russian interference issue and it seems to me interference in other countries politics is the norm. … Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”