9/11 Destroyed the Mission of WTC of Peace Through Trade

  • I just discovered the meaning of the World Trade Center, symbolically it was about peace through trade. It was created in 1939 (beginning of WWII).

Rockefeller changed the intent “world trade and finance center”.  I find that revealing.

The shift is clear.  The destruction of WTC ended peace through trade.… Continue reading

Clinton’s Made More Than $25 million ‘Talk is Not Cheap’ hey

There is nothing like the freedom to make millions.  According to the article this was around 104 speeches which equates to around 250,000 per speech. That is enough to pay 5 people on 50,000 salary for a whole year, not 20 minutes.  As my heading says ‘talk is not cheap’.  Bill is… Continue reading

Nancy Pelosi, Clinton Foundation and Guns

Democracy should start with truth if democracy is real.

People distort democracy when they do not directly respond to questions about ethics.  The story below highlights Bill Clinton charging a charity helping Indonesians, $500,000.  The charity also should answer questions as to why they allowed one person to charge $500,000 to speak at… Continue reading

Leighton Name Change, CIMIC, Ethics and Takeover Rings

Should companies be allowed to change their names to rebadge themselves when confronted with corruption allegation?

Interestingly, CIMIC was formed by an Englishman Leighton in Australia yet it is a Spanish governed multinational company. This is where it gets confusing.  Obvious questions arise in respect of name change as another form of deception.

I… Continue reading

Destiny of Humanity Discovers the Harmony of the Spheres

Poetry helps me to discover my harmony of the spheres. I then pass it to you like a candle in the winds of change.  My writing is not filtered, I just write as I feel.

IT always comes up for me as I sit with this.  Greed is also coming up as this… Continue reading

Does Goldman Sachs “the firm” Run the World?

The videos below provide insights into how Goldman Sachs “the firm” works and its influence.  This is in the public interest.

Gordon Gecko came to mind it seems an accurate portrayal of what happens to young people, not only in the financial industry but is a feature of business and its incessant need for… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”