Destiny of Humanity Discovers the Harmony of the Spheres

Poetry helps me to discover my harmony of the spheres. I then pass it to you like a candle in the winds of change.  My writing is not filtered, I just write as I feel.

IT always comes up for me as I sit with this.  Greed is also coming up as this is the seed of all activity that leads us in a certain direction, it is like a distortion that would not be there if we chose naturally.  We are in mindsets that see the world in a certain way and believe this is the world, when it is really our projection.

I don’t see the problem as people per se I see it as fear and unquestioned beliefs driving attitudes and behaviours that culminate in ways that are harmful, repressive or destructive.

I see fear and love as the dichotomy that we oscillate between as we seek to define Who We Are.  Some approach it from the negative space others the positive.  I am learning not to judge either but observe the outcomes.

I feel the earth (Gaia) as the game changer as we did not create the earth but we were created by the same cosmic forces from which the earth has emerged.  I see this as moving out of the human made paradigm to another paradigm we do not know (literally). It is the source of life.  I felt this as the real power that is beyond explanation.  It gave me a sense of peace. I felt grateful for poetry as I was feeling some distress and opening to answers.

I just saw this post of a poem at random I wrote about Egypt mentioning Stanley Kubrik, so I felt to post it.  The oneness is about noticing anything in you environment and seeing the connections. I saw the connections to this, I can’t say what they are until I re-read it but the feeling is to post it, this is how I follow my heart. It is not about knowing it is about flowing.

I just re-read it, it is reinforcing the idea of a new earth emerging as peace and love.  This is not idealism it is the reality beyond the drama. We have constructed a paradigm seeking to disconnect from humanity (peace, love) but it is our true nature, it cannot be done as life itself re-balances.  Thus this poem reinforces what I’ve written.  This is how synchronicity works.

I just found this as I searched for words out of the poem, it lead me to this

I am not the driver of my life, life is.  I am in service to life.  It is not for me to say this is true or not, it is simply a case of you resonate or not.  The Law of One is the driver is my feeling.  We are indeed ONE.  I post it then read it.  That is trust.





I am contemplating the plight of humanity,

I am contemplating their dilemma,

A rubrics cube of hidden combinations,

Secret societies deciding for the masses,

A Stanley Kubrik’s A Space Odyssey,

For it is odd when you look into the spaces,

As greed is the seed of self destruction.


What is greed?

It is an addiction to more!

Why do people want more when there is enough?

They are not enough so they want more,

Inadequacy is the fear silently pushing,

For greed is the pusher of fear,

Greed is the drug peddler,

Greed is over indulgence calling this freedom,

Greed is a secret garden that calls the open cut mine Eden,

Greed is the smiling face calming everyone with ‘business as usual’,

Greed is Gordon Gecko as the echo in the Pyramid scheme selling greed …

As good,

As ethical,

As responsible,

It is the golden goose that offers options,

That will give you more even when there are no more crumbs to fall off the table,

For Flash Gordon will not save the planet,

He is sinking this ship,


And calling it progress,

He is finalising his city deals,

And calling this a partnership,

When he knows nothing of real community,

Albeit common unity.


For we have to wake up to what is going on,

I ask – where’s Wally?

Can you see what can’t be seen?

The big picture of reality as framed?

The reality of the big picture sustained?

As he rearranges the deck chairs on the titanic!


Do you live in a Smart City?
Do you do city deals?

Are you watching Smart TV’s to escape?

And losing your intelligence by remote viewing?

Are you calling on Smart iPhones and losing your privacy?

Radiating the brain STEM,

Are you driving in Smart cars and losing your free ways?

Are you enrolling in Smart education to learn

you are either with us or against us,
bred to rule or servitude emerging attitude?

The mantra of the old world order is a mission impossible,


Chaos cannot be fixed in theory or by algorithms re patterning re ordering life,

For the problem is not in the service or product delivery,

It is conglomerates buying up the world,

As public space shrinks into a pin head,

For you have no right to sit and not buy,

You have no right to speak up as you are not a customer,

Government cuts empty the till for private enterprise contractual investments,

Sleight of hand under the radar obscures public scrutiny and accountability,

This is the mutiny of the bounty yea Captain Bligh sighs,

Walk the plank as pirates of Penzance,

Tyrants got out of hand digitising fake avatars.


Do you have a right to human rights?

Governance does not see your right as a human being,

Value is calculated in a human doing!

Artificial intelligence is employable working endlessly, efficiently for no wage,

Slave wages are the crumbs falling off the boardroom table,

As Mary Antoinette says – let them eat cake!

Democracy and respect is crumbles as free trade rezones liberalisation to take liberties at our expense,

The poor are non productive assets so just ‘get a job’ and work for the dole,

Work to live is not to live to work,

For all are homeless when unplugged.


The earth is a fire sale of inclement weather,

She is turning,

She is yearning,

She is burning,

As her continental shelves shift and list,

The ice caps are melting rapidly,

Mass coronal ejections fueling change,

Projecting ions as Zion falls,

Signalling the meek will inherit the earth,

For there is no cyber space in truth,

It is a false normal,

There is no future evolution in IT,

IT feels nothing for the future,

The only evolution is to no-it-u-love,

Reversing the paradigm of indifference,

Resolving differences in this echo chamber in systemic feedback loops rerouting energy exchange,

Interdependency is the reliance on our true nature,

Beneficial exchanges as binary rearranges,

Moving to zero point,

Allowance is the flow which knows,

Force is the barrier that blocks the flow,

Building blocks always fall,

Rivers meet with the sea naturally,

For to see further than self interest is the global reset over the horizon radar,

It is the default setting of messenger DNA,

A cosmic blueprint of keyhole chemical bonds,

For chemical manipulation is punching holes in the sinking ship,

Opening holes in atmospheres that protect,

For he knows not what he does,

He is ignorant of the (w)hole,

He thinks an MBA trains artificial intelligence,

Yet the highest intelligence re-calibrates DNA,

It is the unseen universe manifesting life,

Yay the one love song singing in tune.


You are the pin prick that bursts the bubble,

The bubble is not in Canberra but industry,

For what is truly smART is not clever,

Yoga means union,

It is thoughtless and seamless,

It is at-one-ment,

With no fear or favour,

To shake the sphere!

For there are more things in heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy!


The highest wisdom is no-thing,

It has no value,

It has no need as greed,

It is fulfilment filling,

It is the hub in the empty wheel spinning,

It does not get nowhere,

When it is now here,

A spiral galaxy rotating around the centre peace,

As the central sun transmutes all pain,

To birth a renewable earth,

As Gaia naturally selects

The harmony of the spheres.



Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”