How Dark Money Can Elect Politician’s and Shape USA

The same questions asked by the US Congresswoman apply to Australia given the powerful influence of US interests here and the fact Australia is trending to follow the US model.

I found this Congresswoman by chance when I noticed a misogynist and ageism response to her speech, it inspired me to investigate her.  I… Continue reading

Clinton’s Made More Than $25 million ‘Talk is Not Cheap’ hey

There is nothing like the freedom to make millions.  According to the article this was around 104 speeches which equates to around 250,000 per speech. That is enough to pay 5 people on 50,000 salary for a whole year, not 20 minutes.  As my heading says ‘talk is not cheap’.  Bill is… Continue reading

Nancy Pelosi, Clinton Foundation and Guns

Democracy should start with truth if democracy is real.

People distort democracy when they do not directly respond to questions about ethics.  The story below highlights Bill Clinton charging a charity helping Indonesians, $500,000.  The charity also should answer questions as to why they allowed one person to charge $500,000 to speak at… Continue reading

Purchasing $ Influence in a Democracy Rather than Equal Vote

One vote one value voting for what is wanted.  I actually think all ballot boxes should be surveys detailing a range of issues that people have a say over inclusive of ‘Other’ to capture what they want. I was a market analyst and I found that the majority had a common sense viewpoint. … Continue reading

Wealthy Billionnaires Corrupting US Political

Thomas Hartmann talks about the undermining of democracy given the influence of wealthy billionaires on the political process to serve their own interests rather than the public interest.  Why does this matter?  The political process is cited to represent the people.

William A Clarke is interesting paying for popularity the initial seed funder… Continue reading

ABC Television Q&A Forum: Climate, Welfare and Religious Schools

Monday 15 October, 2018

Climate, Welfare and Religious Schools

Excerpt from Jeffrey Sachs:   He’s bizarre, let’s face it. I mean, let’s be honest about this – he’s absolutely the weirdest president we’ve ever had. And dangerous also. But he’s also representing more than that. He’s representing the corruption of the American political system.… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”