Union of Concerned Scientists Inform on Climate Impacts in the US

What is the Australian Politics of Clean Energy?

 I recall all the rhetoric around nuclear as clean.  The renewables are the clean energy as there is minimal impact on the environment.  Coal burning we all know contributes to climate change, you would have to be from a primative planet to believe that this is the way forward, or at least… Continue reading

Microcosm of Mass Extinction Events – Britain

I  felt inspired to change the name of my post.  These are the signposts.

I felt intuitively to follow up on this.  It is a sign of our imbalance with nature. I think of all the unresolved conflicts where we can’t even work out simple problems of sharing, caring, revealing and healing.… Continue reading

Until YOU Change Climate Change WILL NOT Balance

A Stern Report is a Climate of Changing Business-As-Usual

Elements in the business community are calling the shots around the world given their disproportionate power and influence. They have a responsibility to change their practices that are causing and catalysing climate change. Can they be the leadership all are waiting for or do they conform to hundreds of years of business-as-usual? Their decisions will… Continue reading

Skeptic Handbook, Politics and Changing Climates

I am not surprised that an energy company CEO was spreading a skeptics handbook to elites., apparently his email was a mistake and went out to a larger listing and clearly leaked to the media. He was in the Liberal Party. His wife was the Chancellor of Sydney University mentioned below.  It is not… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”