Clean energy

Is Your Money Clean or Funding Negative Externalities?

You have the power to vote with money.  You can choose to spend or not spend on the basis of where that money is going.  You are sending a signal when you purchase items or direct money.  Is your money going to fund violence, destruction of the environment, surveillance, over consumption or… Continue reading

The Elders, Climate Crisis and the Long Walk to Freedom

I think many feel to act now as it is urgent.  We have to work together for a future that benefits everyone.  We have to learn how to live on this planet (not go off and colonise other planets) but face the problems we have collectively created and CHANGE what doesn’t work. … Continue reading

The Big Picture Is Life Affirming Freedom’s Song


The melting pot,

Is a concoction of diversity that is breath taking,

Life making,

Life taking,

Where all of life gives and takes,

In a sacred dance of cycles,

Circling the earth charter,

That has no contract,

Just charting courses, migrations, gulf streams,

From flood to drought,

Earthquake to tsunami,

Blizzard to hurricanes,

Tornado… Continue reading

Honest Government or Transitioning to the Dark Ages in Australia

I just saw this and laughed.  Thank god for Australians.  Let’s hope they Get Up and actually say what they think, as this ad shows!  From a peacemaker perspective I would encourage that it is not demeaning but I do understand young people made this and in their enthusiasm they rebel. … Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”