The Big Picture Is Life Affirming Freedom’s Song


The melting pot,

Is a concoction of diversity that is breath taking,

Life making,

Life taking,

Where all of life gives and takes,

In a sacred dance of cycles,

Circling the earth charter,

That has no contract,

Just charting courses, migrations, gulf streams,

From flood to drought,

Earthquake to tsunami,

Blizzard to hurricanes,

Tornado to dust bowls ,

As change is the orchestra of ancient melodies,

Clashing in a dynamic synergistic energy exchange,

As peaks, troughs and processes distribute the real wealth

of natural systems,

Without fear or favour,

As life and death is not cruel or kind,

It is the fight for life that makes it appear so,

As healthy survival of the fittest breeds,

The weakest becomes nutrient feeds,

As all of life is self fulfilling and reciprocating,

Nothing goes to waste without reason,

All is absorbed into this great energy grid,

Powered by solar winds,

Circling the sun engineering the gravity of solar systems,

Thermodynamics and magnetics unite in balanced perfection (homeostasis),

Polarities fuel gravitational push and pull (yin and yang),

Eclipsing trajectories in perfect harmony of the spheres,

For these are the gears of quantum + mechanics,

Bringing chaos to order,

And order to chaos,

As life expands,

Fulcrum wheels,



The human story is mind identified preferring limited reason to unlimited instinct,

Education becomes a controlled system of bringing order to chaos,

Framing what is believed and then seen,

Projections of acceptance and rejection,

Push together then pull apart,

Electrons, protons and neutrons,

Negative, positive and neutral,

Pre-selection and elect-ion,

As winners are taught to take all rather than reform-ulate,

In a free fall that is not free energy for all,

Is to jump without a parachute,

As life is out of control when natural forces

are the way of life,

without a divisive story.


Extreme wealth lives alongside shanties,

Caste divides at birth defining slavery,

What is believed determines his-story not her story,

Gender, class or caste, labour, profession, privilege are dividing lines,

Indifference and difference = cognitive and dissonance,

As if unseen,

Bind spots,

Are sunspots,

Mass eruptions,

Weakening attraction,

Polarising opposites,

Exchanging places,

As fateful karma,

For what you do to another returns to the self,

Know this as night follows day,

You cannot bare false witness to the truth of another.


Life becomes inclement weather,

Mirroring human confusion in pollution,

That knows not what it does,

In the name of unlimited profit,

That destabilises the sacred balance,

For the blueprint is fading genetic codexes,

Seasons shifting and listing out at sea,

Whales beaching corals bleaching,

Beaches washing away trace elements,

Drift netting gorging the natural balance as greed is good,

Feeding demand without seeking to understand the higher plan.


We mirror what is masked,

For one reflects,

The other conceals,

And only walls divide on the Wall street,

Fleet street bankers stand at the bar as a temple (temple bar),

As stock exchanges,

Uranium becomes depleted as yellow cake is not gold,

War cannot bring peace,

Hate cannot love,

As oil is not energy but a carbon sink underground,

It is indefensible as Carbon + O2 sinks O2 above ground,

For breathing low oxygen is unclean air expelling allergies,

Drinking clean water without chemicals activates electron-ions,

Raw foods encase solidified sunlight to grow seed banks

in a renewable Garden of Eden.


Did you know that we lost the tap root?

We are no longer tapping the meridians as the root,

Corporate mandarins are a lost civilisation

riding capital waves without currency,

That are about to crash without credit,

On the rock-a-fella whose standards are poor calling it business-as-usual,

Living in the so-called ‘real world’ outside of nature,

For it is our true nature to ‘know we do not know’,

Surrendering to life as earth systems shape change the immovable rock of Gibraltar,

For the Philosopher’s Stone is not set in stone when eroded by truth,

To discover the roof of the world protects the earth’s home,

Providing food and shelter as a free for all …

in the power of now,

No longer imagining a future ready for IT cities that are heart-less and home-less,

For all is ONE and ONE is for all is the call to action,

When love sings the song of a new earth charter,

Letting go of control and roles is how the bell tolls,

Reminding all to re-member,

That freedom chooses


Mohandas Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”